Thursday, 21 July 2011

Rainy Old Day!

Its been a rainy old day today, thankfully I got all the rubble shifted this morning in the dry, but this afternoon the heavens have opened!

Is it my imagination or did we use to have summers that were warm, where it almost felt as if you were abroad! Where you could feel the heat from brick walls and there was a shimmer on the road.

More leaflets to go out again tomorrow, as long as its dry! Lets see if we get any more calls!

The rest of the day has been spent up the unit, sorting out and listing books ready for auction.

All quiet on site, being tucked away like we are, we don't get to see who is coming in and out any more!

Last night was fat club night! It didn't go well! Ive managed to put on 4lbs over the last week! Not good at all, but as it was my birthday over the weekend (I like to keep it quiet) we did have a bit to drink! So that will explain things, we are now dry at the caravan, so wont be having a beer any night this week!

This is not good news at all, but I would like to see how much of a difference it makes - if any!

"M" went for her scan, and she has tendinitis of the shoulder and is due a steroid injection tomorrow! If that doesn't work its an operation! So fingers crossed the injection does the job.

Other than that, nothing else has really happened here at our peaceful location, in Deepest Darkest Dorset!

Till later...........


  1. hiya glad to hear that they may be able to sort M out without an op, but tell her dont over do it if you feel better, take it steady .
    donna x

  2. Jools don't stop drinking you really need to stay hydrated, plus you could choke on solids.