Friday, 8 July 2011

Awning Pole Finally Recieved!

When we bought our caravan from Lady Bailey we bought a full size awning to go with it. Its roughly the size of the O2 arena when its up.

We also bought the sleeping pod to go on the end of it, but the first time we put it all up we found that there was a small curved (No 7) pole missing! We did manage to cobble it all together for the night, but a call to the dealer at the time ensured that a part was found for us and waiting our collection.

OK, that was back in September last year! Now, as we are planning a few days away in Wales later on in August complete with "M"s mother, we thought we could put her up in the pod! Ah, no pole!

A call to the dealership and they couldn't locate the pole, but they said they would look for it and call us, which they did saying they had it.

So off we trot to get it, to find out they didn't have the right pole! So another one was put on order and we finally picked it up last week.

Where we are now there isn't room to put up the large awning so we will have to wait till we have a bit of space to make sure everything is still there and over the last 10 months we haven't lost any more poles!

Hopefully it will all be there and "M"s Mum will have a place to kip whilst we are away, and far enough away so that she cant here me belching, farting and making other bodily function noises!

To say that I'm not too sure about this forth coming holiday is an understatement, but, we will give it a go, what could possibly go wrong?

Till later......................

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