Sunday, 10 July 2011

Picture Update And Other Nonsense!

At long last I hear you cry! I seriously think I'm living in another time zone, where does it all go!

The days are flying by far to quickly for my liking, not sure if that's because I'm enjoying life or just too busy to enjoy it!

Anyhow, the important thing is we are here!

So here's a few pictures that Ive taken recently, ill add to them as they go.....

Hold on...........

Whitchampton Steam up, that was the stationary engine line up, you can just make "M" out sat with her hat on, the fence is to keep the exhibitors safe from the general public!

Can you guess which car this belongs to? The air horns should give you a clue if you haven't scrolled to far all ready! A lovely sounding V8.

Yep, its those "Good Ole Boys" The car is lovely and sounds amazing.

Here's the show, told you it was a small event! To the right behind the cars are around 6 or so tractors.

Our engine, we were fairly close to the club house!

The village church, the cemetery was peaceful and very well kept.

Here's the tractor after going through total restoration with many parts having to be specially bought from Canada, behind are the three wise men putting up their home for the weekend!

And here it is after rolling off the lorry! Ok, it doesn't look too bad from a distance, but there is alot of damage done to it.

Fridge repair - how you get that grey top panel off is still a mystery, it was the round dial on the far left that broke. The one that switches from Gas/240v/12v. Behind is a black box containing all the switches and connections, three screws to the lid, off it pops revealing the shafts of the dials.

Centre of the picture is the barrel with the lines on it, it had broken just below this, so was just spinning freely. Pushed up tight a dab of super glue, and hey presto, fridge repaired. Which we were both mighty relieved about! I wonder what it would of cost us to have an engineer out to do this?

Well that was it!

"M" spent last night (Sat) up in London with her daughter seeing "Take That" it was amazing she said, I'm sure it was, but call me old fashioned but would rather listen to the sound of that V8!

Today, I'm cleaning up after a few beers last night and cooking a curry! The sun is shining at the moment, but plenty of cloud about.

Next weekend we are off to The Portland Steam Show, looking forward to this as its being held at a new location due to the Olympics which is costing millions to stage at Weymouth has thrown the event off of Portland as they sold the ground! Cheers!

Some of you have asked about the weight loss. Well to be honest over the last few weeks, what with all the shows we have done, losing weight has been the last thing on my mind. However, as we eat totally differently to how we used to, Ive only put back on 1Lb over the last 6 weeks, so to me that's a result, considering what we have eaten!

Some of the changes that I have made, is no milk or butter, no bread, apart from the odd bacon sandwich! No crisps or snacks. Tons of fruit and fish and very little pasta, which is difficult as I could live on it.

Ive lost almost 2 stone so far, which I'm happy with, and can even fit back into shirts that I thought I never would again!

Along way to go, but as I'm not worried about it, and do treat myself to an ice-cream when I want one. Its not too bad at all. I know what stops me from losing, but I'm not giving up having a pint when I want one either!

Anyway, enough nonsense from me, got to get the washing up done before "M" gets back!!!

A mans work is never done!!

Till later.............

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