Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A New Caravan Hits The Road!

My sister Ali and partner Matt have been over a few times to visit us whilst we have been in our caravan, and  have always seemed taken by the caravan idea.

So much so that they have now taken the plunge and bought a brand new Bailey Orian 440/4 a good layout which suits there needs and requirements.

I went with Matt this morning to collect it, as his new car Kia 4x4 isnt ready till Saturday. So I was towing!

I had a good look around it whilst the hand over was being done, and can say that I was impressed by the caravan, and the handover which took place (it was alot better than ours and it was from the same dealer)!

I did notice that the fridge had a push start for the gas where ours is electric, but it did have an electric flush on the loo, and a cassette with wheels!

Once all the formalities had been completed it was time to hook up. Off we went with no problems, but I noticed that the white tray that fits over the sink appeared to be moving. In the handover we were clearly told that this fits snuggly over the sink unit whilst travelling.

Well, it wasn't snug at all, with 5 mins of setting off it had fallen onto the floor. We pulled over to in the next lay-by, and took a look. There was no way it would of stayed on,  so along with the chopping board safely stowed we set off again.

We got down to their storage place, and Matt opened the door of the caravan and like we all do sometimes left the key in the door lock. Thankfully I noticed this, but on this model the door opens with the hinges on the left of the door as you look at it.

With the keys still in the lock the door swings open and the first point of contact with the key protruding from the lock is the front side window! On ours at least it just hits into the metal work.

On a windy day or if you are just not careful I can see the window cracking with the force of the door banging into the window. I've got dents on our van through this, will a window take as much punishment?

Other than that it looks a well made van, and I hope they have as much fun in it as we have had in ours!

The other thing I noticed is how easy it was to tow! I could accelerate! It is a lot lighter than ours, and didn't I just know it!

They have booked a long weekend away in mid August, I don't think with a new van I could wait that long to try it out, I would be in it tonight!

So new members to the exclusive shed dragging club, and another caravan on the road to annoy Clarkson!

Till later....................

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