Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Hectic Couple Of Days

Its been absolutely flat out the last few days, its all been a bit of a blur what with all the things that have happened!

So Ill try and place things in some sort of order.

Whilst I was away helping Matt collecting their new caravan, "M" was off visiting an elderly friend, her car had a flat battery and she called out her mechanic who went beyond and above the call of duty to help her out and get everything working again.

Whilst he was doing this "M" had told him we were struggling to sell the Fiat 500 and we were desperate to get rid of it. He said he may know someone who may be able to help us, to leave it with him and he would get back to us later.

He did, and he made arrangements for a dealer to come to his workshop at 1000am on Thursday morning to view the Fiat 500 and agree on a price.

Thursday morning came and a price was agreed on the Fiat 500. We have lost out on the car, and we had to add nearly £800 to clear the finance but if you work that out over 3 years that we have had the car it's not too bad. The only thing he wasn't happy with was the service book hadn't been stamped! An oversight by the dealer who serviced it for me, so it was a quick dash back to Shaston to get the book stamped up.

We then went to the dealers to hand over the service book and the £800, we sorted out all the paper work, then he said that whilst we were away, the new "Glasses" guide came through in the post - this is the motor dealers bible with all used prices in it. He said that our car had dropped £400 since last month, but as we had all ready verbally done the deal then he would stand by the price we had agreed! Phew!!!!

It was a relief to get rid of the car. It was fun to drive, very economical but useless for us and how we live. So the hunt was now seriously on for a 4x4.

We had a fixed budget, which we have managed to raise slightly, the task was to find a 4x4 with reasonable mileage and that didn't look like a bag of nails!

We have been keeping an eye on things via ebay and auto trader for a few weeks now, and had managed to find a couple of vehicles which met our needs.

Our original plan was to get a Mitsubishi Delica but trying to find one is a bit like rocking horse shite, they are either far too much money or dog rough.

So our next plan was a Mitsubishi Pajero/Shogun again the same old problem, either high mileage, dented bodywork, or just dog rough all round!

However, we managed to find by late Thursday afternoon an extremely good looking Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8TD long wheel base.

It came in at the right price, it had 10 months MOT, 5 months tax, and best of all had been serviced the last 5 years at a Mitsubishi dealers with no expense spared! It really is in exceptional condition and has done just 107,000 miles, which on an engine that size isn't excessive.

So with a few calls to our insurance company we got the price down from the initial quote of £850 down to £340 including full breakdown cover! Now that was some haggling - well done "M"!

We then made arrangements to go and view it, which was just outside of Hereford. A bit of a journey but we felt that these don't come along very often so it was worth the trip.

First thing on Friday morning I had to go to give a quote for a gardening job, so as soon as I got back we set off.

We eventually found the place and the guy we bought it from looked after us and let us go out for a test drive. I must say we were both hooked on it as soon as we got in it.

Now to say its on the large size is an understatement! Its massive, but with a 2.8TD engine under your right foot its no slouch. It drives very well, everything works, all the switches work, and there are alot of them! The inside looks like new. It certainly hasn't had a hard life!

So we did the deal, and we paid £1750. Now some may say that's alot to pay for an 18 year old vehicle. But, as you can see from the picture its in very good condition, and after the drive back and over the weekend, we simply cannot fault it!

On the long run back it was even good on fuel, and as long your not flooring it at every opportunity then even running around isn't too bad.

I'm now looking forward to towing with it. I'm hoping it will be a dream.

Saturday, we took a little run out into the New Forest, just to put the car through its paces and as expected it performed well. We are both very happy with it.

Saturday evening "M"s mother came over, we wanted her to come over so that she could try out the awning pod. We thought this a good idea before our trip to Wales in August, so that she could get a feel for things, and better to know now if there is anything she wants to change or alter than when we are away!

Everything went well, and after a few glasses of red wine, I reckon she could of slept on a bed of nails and been happy - say no more!

This morning, we all got up, "M" and I cooked up a hearty breakfast, but "M" has been suffering over the last 6 weeks every now and again severe abdominal pain. But today it had her doubled over and crying, so a quick decision was made, and off I whisked her to A and E in Bournemouth.

After 4 hrs and some tests, she has been given a diagnosis of pleurisy "M" is not convinced on this as she doesn't have many of the symptoms,  so we now have to contact the Doctor to get a scan to see if that highlights a problem! She is a sickly child at the moment!

Back at the ranch, and it has emptied out after a very busy weekend, we now have the field back to ourselves, which China dog is very happy about, how dare other campers come onto her field!

We have finally booked our week away in South Wales, I cant remember who told us about this site, but thank you! Its Fforest Fields in Powys. It hits all the spots that we want, and now looking forward to it.

But first we have the Purbeck Rally to do, we are both looking forward to this one. Now we have the new car we can do it all in one trip! As its beefy enough to have the engine in the back and tow! Happy days!

Ive got a few pictures to put up that Ive taken recently, but being my usual disorganised self have managed to forget the cable for the camera. So they will have to wait.

Till later..................


  1. Congratulations looks very tidy. The bigger vehicle should really add to your towing experience. Having towed now with Isuzu and Toyota 4WDs would not use anything smaller. Just remember fuel is the cheapest part of motoring.

  2. Nice vehicle and sounds like a bargain. I grew up in Australia and my mate bought a Range Rover and joined a four wheel drive club. The sort of places we took it were incredible. We drove it through creeks, over massive rocks and up steep inclines. I don't think you could get such use here, but in winter they would be great for towing in snowy conditions.

  3. Nice deal on the Fiat, I bet you are glad it is gone (sad it has gone etc... but glad all the same)...

    When I first got our Jeep GC 4.7 I thought it too was massive inside and out but it is suprising how small they actually are after a few weeks use. I bet it tows well? Did it come with towbar etc?

    What is happening with the Land rover?

    We hope you have a good time in Wales.

    Sorry to hear about M's stomach cramps, do you think it could be water related in the caravan? Possibly in need of a clean through with the special stuff (whatever that is)?

    We went to padstow the other day to check out the place and have a look around, maybe we might go there after the August rush is over.. must be open all year :)

    Take care and keep up the good work

    All the best


  4. A "hearty breakfast" then abdominal pain sounds more like gallstones in the gallbladder than pleurisy around the lungs. Just a thought. Hope your feeling better now.