Thursday, 14 July 2011

Land Rover Freelander Inlet Manifold Gasket Problem!

On our way back home yesterday from fat club, where I some how managed to loose 1lb! I noticed that the engine ever so lightly started to get a little warm, only a little, but when you know every squeak and rattle, you notice these things.

Got home and had our traditional celebration of a take-away curry!

This morning the first thing I did was top the water coolant up, over the last few months Ive noticed that it drinks a bit of water, but on an old freelander, you do expect a little loss, so didn't think too much of it.

We had the head gasket done around 2 years ago. 

As poured the water in I could hear water running out from somewhere, looked underneath and it was coming straight out! Now, this could either be very simple and cost very little if it was a split or loose hose, or serious bucks if it was the head gasket gone again!

I couldn't suss out where the leak was coming from as it seemed to be from the rear of the engine and high up, where no pipes ran. I feared the worst -  another head gasket!

Thankfully, Chris was on site, another full timer who is mechanically minded, he came over and together we sussed where the leak was coming from, but we didn't know exactly why or how.

A quick look on the interweb and all is revealed, the inlet manifold gasket had failed! Not as bad as it sounds, a quick call to my brother in law Mat and a part was sourced at under £10 which to me was a bargain!

We then set about taking off the manifold which was only a few bolts which all came off ok, and we removed the damaged gasket, which was well knackered! Thanks Chris for the help!!

We had to go to the Docs this afternoon, so that "M" can have her shoulder looked at again. She has been signed off for another week! Whilst I was waiting outside the Docs, Mat called me to say he was in town with the gasket, drove to me in the car park and handed it over, hows that for service!! Cheers Mat!!!

So my job first thing tomorrow is to refit the gasket, fill up with water, and fingers crossed all works!

Again I wonder how much this would of cost me if I had taken it to a garage! Before living in the caravan, that's exactly what I would of done, but now, its more a case of, well lets have a look and see if we can get this sorted!

Whilst back in town we popped in to see my parents, my Dad is looking alot better now they have changed his medication!

Then we had a quick coffee with 007Herbert, he is between missions at the moment, his only task being to ensure that Mrs Herberts cats don't escape, should be a doddle for such a highly trained individual.

A quick dash back to the van, then off to Frimley to collect something won from ebay, it was too big to have it sent, but cant say what it was at the moment, as there are plans afoot for a bit of a change of direction for myself, but as of yet want to keep it under wraps! Will reveal all shortly!

And so ends another day! Its been a day of mixed emotions!

So till later..................


  1. Reminds me of the following. Feel free not to publish it.

    One day, an eskimo was riding his snowmobile to work and noticed that it was running poorly. He stopped at the repair shop to have them look at it.

    The repairman said, "We're kind of busy right now, but why don't you go across the street to the cafe and have something to eat, then stop back and see me in a few hours."

    So the eskimo went to the cafe and returned to the repair shop two hours later. The eskimo asked the repairman, "What did you find?"

    The repairman said, "I think that you blew a seal."

    The eskimo replied (after wiping his mouth), "No, I just had ice cream!"

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