Saturday, 23 July 2011

Still No Decision On Wales Camp Site!

A decision of camps sites in Wales has still not been made, I'm keeping well out of it so that none of it can be my fault if it all goes a bit pear shaped! This I reckon is the best course of action.

Of course it does mean that the later its left the more chance we could end up in Lincoln!

Well it wont be my fault!

Have you ever used Gumtree? Ive used it twice now, first time when I was looking for a petrol lawn mower and the second time was yesterday when I advertised 17 tins of paint for sale, they were sold and collected today for the price I wanted. No listing fee's, no final valuation fee's, no one from Nigeria wanting them shipped out to them and cash on collection with no paypal fees - result!

So if you haven't used it before it may well be worth taking a closer look at.

On another matter, why do people feel its ok not to bother hosing down after they have emptied their loo's. Went to empty out yesterday, and met the guy walking away from the loo, got up to empty and there it all was. Its not as if there isn't a hose! Lazy git! So had to clean it all down before I even started.

I feel like saying, Oi, I live here mate, would you hose it down if this is where you lived! But of course I cant!

The other thing is the amount of rubbish that is dumped by folk away for the weekends, that itself is not really a problem, but when they leave the rubbish in bags by the sides of the bins late at night, and the foxes, rats, and all the other countryside animals that have a perfect right to be here decide to investigate and spread it all over the place. Many the time Ive gone and cleared up after thoughtless or rather brainless people!

It really does make you wonder why they bother coming to the countryside when they treat it like an inner city!

Perhaps I'm just too much of a country boy at heart!

Its a funny old world that we live in, and thankfully so, how boring would it be if everything was regulated and the same.

All though successive Governments/councils appear to be regulating many things that in my opinion require no regulation, just common sense.

Common sense, appears to be something that is lacking in today's society! What with all the phone hacking scandals that seem to plague the news rooms at the moment.

Whilst I'm on the subject of common sense, I heard that there were calls for all Police officers to have a university degree! What!?

I hope that doesn't go ahead, Ive a good mate in the Police and he didn't go to university, ok, he has more brains than I have, but his skills are life taught. This is the sort of copper we need more of. I wish there were more of his sort on the streets, I'm sure there wouldst be half the problems that there are now!

When I was a National Sales Manager I took a graduate out with me on the road, to see if he could cut it. I'm afraid it didn't go well, he hung his shirts up in the back of my car on a hanger and to my surprise he still had name tags in the collar! To say he was clueless was an understatement. Yes, very clever and could recite 15th century poetry, but what bloody use is that in this day and age.

He didn't cut it, not to my standards and I wouldn't take him on, shame as he was a nice lad, but just no common sense. Exactly the sort of person they are calling on to fill the ranks of the Police.

This just scares me to death, God knows what the time served coppers feel about this, I'm sure they are just as mortified as I am!

Just had a read through of what Ive written so far, I hope to any one new reading this you weren't expecting too many words of wisdom on caravanning! It would appear to be sadly lacking from many of my posts!

So will change that by talking about caravans, I know, a novelty!

I had a trawl through ebay earlier today, as I do, and found myself drawn towards the caravan section. On looking through it amazed me the number of caravans that were for sale. Which may mean a couple of things:

A) People are giving up their sheds on wheels for more exotic holidays with the risks of getting shot, stranded, robbed, or given food poison.


B) They are all buying new vans and selling their old vans privately.

If your wanting a cheap holiday, then caravanning is the way to go, I lost count of the amount of caravans that could be picked up for less than £1000 there really are some real bargains out there.

But, is caravanning for everyone? And, now, this may be a tad controversial  but I'm going to say it anyway, but is caravanning purely a white persons pastime?

Ive never seen a coloured family camping, and if you look through either of the camping and caravanning or the caravan club mags, I cant remember ever seeing a picture of a coloured family!

Please tell me I'm wrong, and I hope that I am, but from my own personal observations this does appear to be the case. But, why?

Its affordable, as Ive proved by looking on ebay, site fee's can vary, but if your wanting a cheap holiday, even at high season you can find a site at £12.00 per night, so not exactly breaking the bank.

So why aren't there more coloured family's enjoying the great outdoors?

Perhaps I'm completely wrong, but somehow, I just don't think I am, ask yourself the question?

Oh and let me know what you come up with!

Till later...................


  1. I agree regarding the rubbish and cleanliness, it is the same here in NZ. Hate to see their houses!

    We have noticed the same as you as to coloured people camping, very few. Can't be in their DNA.

  2. It's true - I must admit I've never seen any non-whites caravanning (some camping, but not caravanning). I've discussed this with some of our Asian friends to try and find out why. I get the feeling it's because it's a world they know very little about (or exists at all). I live an hour's drive from the Yorkshire Dales and despite their being a large population of Asians in the surrounding cities - very few are seen in the Dales. Weird. Like you I wonder why.

  3. I'm a half Asian girl and i want to caravan for a while!!, but then again i always did buck the trend!!!!.