Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Caravan Fridge Dometic RM7271L Repair - Back Up And Running!

When we got back to our site on Monday, one of the first things we always do is get the electric hooked up and make sure the fridge is ok!

Well, we were a little annoyed to see that the fridge wasn't working! Our fridge is a Dometic RM7271L, the model number can be found at the bottom of the inside of the fridge on a sticker. I hadn't even noticed this before!

We checked to make sure we had power, but that was difficult to prove, but whilst we were trying to switch between gas/240/12v we could feel absolutely no resistance in the dial, so the thought was that the barrel of the switch or the switch was broken.

Out with the user manual, but that wasn't any use what so ever, so I did a quick search on the Internet and came up with a couple of websites which sold spares for our model.

But we still didn't know the exact problem, we tried to  pop off the front grey housing which surrounds the two dials above the door, but there was no way that was coming off.

So with a bit of reluctance popped off the four screw covers on the inside of the carcase, and undid the tiny self tapping wood screws!

They came out easy, would they go back in ok? We managed to pull the fridge out, as the previous owners had laid laminate flooring this meant a tight squeeze at the base. We pulled it out a couple of inches, just enough, but we still couldn't work out how to remove the grey housing.

Directly behind is the switch and control panel housed in black plastic, three screws to the top were undone which then revealed the barrel of the dial.

It had indeed broken and was turning freely. I proved the switch was working by putting my finger on the barrel and making it turn, all lights came on and it fired up on gas and electric. So we had solved the problem, now how to fix it?

Bring on the superglue! A quick squirt of that and we now have a working dial, which means chilled beer!

I wonder how much that would of cost me if we had called out a repair man? A bit more than a tube of superglue I suspect.

Now to get the fridge back in and lined up! A bit of a shove and the four screws back in place, caps on and a job well done. I must say I'm relieved that we managed to suss it out!

We can now go and get our frozen stuff back from the site owners and out of the fridge in their workshop!

Now a totally different subject - THANK YOU ALL!

 As Ive been so busy over the last few days to post anything its been very kind of all of you who have been concerned over our welfare!

In this day and age when many don't even know the names of their next door neighbours, it is heartening to hear from so many of you who we have never met, spoken to, or are related to! So a massive thank you to you all, it is greatly appreciated and humbling.

"M"s shoulder is still giving her problems and she is still in pain, but the pain killers she is now on appear to be doing the trick, just waiting for the date for the scan now, so that they can assess how much damage has been done to it.

Still haven't got around to doing the pictures yet, tomorrows another day, so till later.........


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