Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Monday - Another Day Full Timing!

Another day done and dusted and its been a tough day at the PC!
Well, that’s not all Ive done, had a load of packing to do this morning as we had a sale finishing last night.
We ship world wide, a lot goes out to America, and all over Europe. Recently we sent something out to the Ukraine! Nice to see a bit of British Tweed out there!
Ebay never ceases to amaze me, if you try put rhyme and reason to the sales patterns you would just drive yourself mad. It really is up and down and you cannot predict a single thing.
You just have to keep at it and ride it out. I did team up with someone recently but they were not happy with the sale prices we were getting, so we decided to call it a day and Im back working on my own again, which to be honest is a lot better.
Its a lot less stressful for me, I just cant handle anyone breathing down my neck, especially when Im the one doing all the graft.
But, since then the sale prices have gone up, so maybe they jumped a little to early!?
Next weekend
We were mulling over how we were going to do two trips down to Weymouth this Friday for the Portland Steam Show. Anyone who has ever driven along the A31/A35 will know it’s a terribly slow road, not helped by the amount of tourists towing caravans along it! To add to that misery on Friday is not something that I was looking forward to. So after a bit of a chat we have decided not to go!

A bit of shame, but two trips down and back on the Friday and the same on Sunday evening is firstly bloody expensive due to the cost of fuel, and secondly will take hours.

So we are staying put.

On my way out to the post office this afternoon, we spotted a greater spotted woodpecker, we have often seen it around the site, then on our way back in we spotted two green woodpeckers right next to our van, a lovely sight.

However, on the way back, a buzzard had been hit and obviously had a broken wing and was in distress on the side of the road. We called the RSPCA who considering they have a centre not more than 5 minutes away, said they couldn’t do anything for a minimum of 4 hrs! What is that all about? They also told us to phone the Highways Agency who said they couldn’t do anything either and to call the Police. Well, we did, I know its not a priority but to see a magnificent bird in distress is not good.

We don’t know the outcome, I only hope that another car hit it and put it out of its misery! As I cant see it being rescued. Shame, but there you are. Poor show by the RSPCA especially as like I said there is a centre not more than 5 minutes away.

Could I have done something? Well, if you have ever seen a buzzard up close, you would see that they have claws that would rip the flesh of your arms and beaks to snip a finger off! So without the proper gear Id rather wrestle a sheep! Sheep wrestling being an official sport in many of the smaller villages in the the West Country. Say no more!

We are still looking for a site in South Wales, thanks to all who have sent in suggestions, we are still deciding on which one to go for, all though I’m not getting involved that way I cannot be held responsible. Considering who we are taking this to me sounds the best course of action to take.

Just had a pint of Cocker Hoop which was rather good, I managed to sink a few on Saturday night whilst “M” was up in London drooling over Robbie Williams.

She had a great time up there and said the concert was amazing. They stayed in a Bed & Breakfast, well I say Bed & Breakfast, they had a bed, but breakfast wasn’t an option! There wasn’t even a kettle in the room! Hows that for looking after your guests! And it was £48 for that! Talk about easy money! The landlord should have been wearing a mask and changed his name to Mr D Turpin, the robbing b@st@rd!

But thet again, it was only a mile from Wembley so for that money what do you expect. (a bloody kettle)!

“M” has got an appointment back at the Docs on Thursday, to have her shoulder looked at, as it hasn’t got any better at all! So not good, I think her days of lugging tins of paint around are numbered!

Well time to fire the Cadac up, getting hungry, so till later……………..


  1. Hi ......... just found your blog & I have to say it's very informative & interesting - good job ! I came across it as I'm in the early stages of planning to do the same as you & live full-time in a caravan. I have my sis & bil already full-time in a motorhome so I get some very good info from the horse's mouth - but they're now retired & I aim to continue working, as you both do - for 'aim' read 'need' Lol ! I have a question for you - can't seem to find an email or other means of contact, so I have to do it this way ! I just wondered how you work it with the 28 day rule ? How many sites do you tend to use ? And how flexible are you finding site owners ? Any issues with the site owners when/if they hear you're full-timers ? I'm presumably similar to you in that I need to be sited within reasonable distance of my work places & I'm interested in finding out how it'll all work in practise. Look forward to reading you regularly now ! best regards Phil.

  2. Hi Phil, glad you like the blog! We stick to the 28 day rule as we get on well with the site owners and would not wish to jeopordise their licence. We only use a couple of sites all close together. No problems with any of the sites due to being full time, its regular income for them so in these times thats got to be good news! Our email is bakers_cottage@btinternet.com feel free to contact us direct with anything else that concerns you. Regards Jools