Friday, 15 August 2014

2nd Night In T25 VW aka "Duckie"

I had a late start at work and Kiera was off to London for the day. The plan was that we both roughly would be home at the same time and we would shoot off for another night in "Duckie"

However, Kiera's train was some what delayed so we took all of 30 seconds to decide that all though late we should still head off.

Quick change at home, a stop at the local kebab shop and back down to Keyhaven Marsh again!

It was lovely just sat in the back looking out through the front towards the Isle of Wight and watched the sky being lit up by the lightening way out at sea.

Another very peaceful night and a very lazy start once more with tea and bacon rolls, the sun shining warming the van up nicely.

Our view from our door this morning, you may be able to make out Hurst Castle and the Lighthouse with the Isle of Wight in the background.

A few things that need to be added to the shopping list is:-

Gas spanner - I haven't found one in the van, either that or I make sure there is an adjustable spanner handy. I have all ready decided that we will be changing over from butane to propane.

Porta Potti - A bit of a cumbersome item, but we feel that it is a requirement when wild camping, there were a lot of dog walkers around this morning at 0700 hrs, rather too many for Kiera's liking!!

Levelling Ramps

Hand Held Hoover - Too many crumbs!

Electric Hook Up Cable - Complete with fused sockets. The camper van does not have 240v hookup built in.

So still a bit to do, plus we also need to take a look at how the curtains work, well, really how they hook onto the square clips in the runners. There must be a better way, so we will be looking through the forums for ideas but open to suggestions!

Till later........................


  1. Jools, if storage space for a portable loo is at a premium I would recommend a Fiamma Bi-pot - very easy to empty/clean and splits into two so when not in use you can tuck each half into a smaller space