Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Took Delivery Of VW T25 Camper aka "Duckie"

At 1100hrs this morning we went to collect the latest vehicle to our collection which now sits at 4 cars and 1 motorbike!

The owner gave us a full walk through of the van and all it's bits and pieces and once the paperwork was completed we headed off.

Once home we put together a picnic, fuelled up and headed off.

The end of Hurricane Bertha had passed over and we were left with a sunny day, just a bit windy.

We thought we would take her for a bit of a run, so we headed for the Isle of Purbeck and a place called Knoll Beach which is part of Studland.

We took the kids and Flo the dog for a walk through the dunes, unfortunately due to the time of year Flo is not allowed on the beach, so dunes it was.

Looking out towards "Old Harry"

Back at the bus we ate lunch, due to it's layout it was easy for us all to sit around the table. Not possible if we had a traditional Rock 'n' Roll bed as that only seats two.

Once lunch was done and tea brewed we checked out the "Pop Top" roof and got the kids up there to check it out. They were happy and liked the little windows on each side.

Then we laid the bed out downstairs, loads of room and felt comfortable enough.

Time to head back towards home and we took the chain link ferry from Sandbanks to Poole.

We stopped at Kiera's parent's house to show them "Duckie" and from there we decided that the day was not yet done, and fish and chips were required to finish off the day.

Looking out from Milford beach towards the Isle of Wight we enjoyed watching the waves as the wind had really picked up and was blowing foam off the waves straight at us.

Another brew and so ended a rather relaxing 1st day spent in our camper "Duckie"

Till later.............

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