Wednesday, 13 August 2014

VW T25 Tyre Blow Out

When it comes to punctures it would appear that I have no luck at all!

Since last November I have had four! Two on "Lucille" (Honda C90), once in the Pajero and now "Duckie" on only the 2nd day of ownership!

I was travelling back from work and heard/felt a vibration coming from the back end.

I was on a very narrow winding stretch of road with no where to pull over, so had to drive very slowly to a safe spot where I pulled over and investigated the noise.

Sure enough, a puncture. But, not only a puncture but the side wall of the tyre was torn! I never curbed it so it must of been done whilst getting to safety.

Now, time to find the spare wheel and jack! The spare is situated under the the front of the vehicle and held in place with a locking nut.

No probs, where is the jack and wheel brace?

A quick phone call to Kiera and she came out with my tool kit, a 19mm spanner undid the nut and out dropped the spare wheel.

Under the rear seats was found the jack and wheel brace. However, the wheel brace was split and all it would do is round off the wheel nuts, so I tried my socket set, found a 19mm socket but only a small socket wrench. Which with some leverage I managed to bust, not loosening a single nut!

Stuck, so a phone call to the AA and within 40 mins they were with us, the wheel changed and we were on our way.

So today we are getting a spare wheel, slightly annoying as it looks like the damaged tyre is virtually brand new!

These things happen I guess, just seem to happen to me!

Till later.................

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