Friday, 8 August 2014

Wooden Cabin Now In Back Garden

The wood cabin has now been delivered and erected, it took just two days to be built.

But first the ground had to be levelled off, even before this could be done all the plants and garden shed had to be cleared. We also had new fencing put up once the ground was cleared.

With some help I got the shed dismantled and we got a guy in to clear all the ground and level it off. This was a good idea as it filled a small tipper truck!

We then put the shed up on "Gumtree" and listed it as "Free - Buyer Collects" To be honest we should of put a £20 price on it as the amount of calls, emails and texts were unbelievable! I'm not joking, we are talking 30 plus messages all wanting the shed!

It was collected a couple of days ago, and now has a new home.

The cabin which is made out of 48mm wood basically slots together. The dimensions are 10ft by 14ft and fully double glazed. On the first day two guys laid a gravel bed and made the base. On the second day 3 guys slotted it all together.

Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but it will last and it can be removed if required.

We just need the electrician to turn up next week now to install power points.

As you can see it takes up much of the back garden!

The plants on the right will be cut back, that is today's job!

Sunday we pick up "Duckie" the weather is not looking good, but at least we will find out if she leaks!

Now - time to do some hacking of bushes!

Till later.................

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