Saturday, 30 August 2014

Concrete Laid - IKEA Hell - "Lucille" Finds Shelter

Vic managed to get all the concrete laid, he did look like a drowned rat by the time he had finished but he got the job done.

The rain poured down and I was not convinced that it would be set by the next day as Vic suggested! However, true to his word it was.

A couple of planks were laid across the base as this was the only way the cats could get out to the garden from the cat flap on the back door.

So next week the building of the outside walls start, well, hopefully. We were told that it would take 2 weeks start to finish, we are now starting week 4!

We also took a trip to IKEA as there were a few things we wanted to get, mainly kilner jars for my pickled onions and eggs and I also wanted to buy a sheepskin rug. 

The sheepskin rug is going to be made into a seat cover for "Lucille" my trusty Honda C90.

So my sheepskin was £30.00 and the kilner jars were a couple of quid each, so I'm really not to sure how we managed to rack up a final bill of £158.00!!!

Then the queue at the checkout - I've seen shorter Russian bread queues! 7 or 8 deep and there were checkouts not being used. I cannot see how this could happen in a store as well organised as IKEA.

Finally, we made room in the garage by taking a few things out and moving them into the cabin in the garden. This meant that "Lucille" now has a place to call home, out of the elements.

It's the first time in my ownership she has had this, and to say I am relieved is an understatement.

So there you have it - a quick update as the summer draws to and end and the kids start back to school.

Next post will be more about the the items we have recently bought for our T25 "Duckie" so a bit more of a camping related post.

Till later......................

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