Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Off Out Again In "Duckie" Our VW T25

Bank Holiday weekend and what plans do we have?

None - I'm bloody working all weekend including Monday!!!!!!!

However, all is not lost. Saturday night saw us at a Retirement Party for one of the drivers from work. A good evening was had by all, with plenty of food cooked on the BBQ.

It was at Boldre, not a million miles away, but we thought that if we had a couple of beers we could "Pop" the roof and stay over in the hall car park. So this is what we did and it was a lovely quiet night as Boldre is in the New Forest and it is a bit out of the way!

No one bothered us, and next morning we were up fairly sharpish as I had to go to work.

Kiera dropped me off at work, and then picked me up in the evening where once again we set off to cook supper in the forest.

Our chosen location this time was Hatchet Pond just outside of Beaulieu.

A great spot for supper! During the day this car park is heaving, but come evening we had it almost to ourselves!

We both agreed that buying the VW T25 was a brilliant move, as we appear to be getting a lot of use out of her. Not only that but on the day's I take her to work, during my breaks I head back to put the kettle on and get some quality down time before I hit the road again.

Conservatory Update.

As it is now Tuesday, Vic our builder has laid the membrane and is currently filling up the base of the conservatory with cement. The only problem is that the heavens have just opened and it is quickly becoming a paddling pool half filled with cement. As the cement has been delivered and is laying out on a tarp on the grass to the front of our house, I think he has no option but to carry on all it could turn into a catastrophe.

As there is a bit of cursing going on outside, I feel it wiser and safer to stay out of the way and scuttle off to work before I'm enlisted to help!

Till later..............

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  1. I think that it is really great that you are so happy and enjoying each other and your camper van.
    What a great Idea, I look forward to your posts and to see your updates.
    I would dearly love to be able to do what you are doing. I am a transplanted Brit, now living in Texas. We are so miles away from the ocean or any decent stretch of water.
    Enjoy your camper and keep on posting your news.
    Pam in TX.