Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Conservatory Build Started

We received a phone call from the conservatory people that they were coming a few days early to start work.

Good job I had cleared the bay tree out of the way, I was told just to leave 12" as they were happy to clear the roots - I was rather relieved about this!

The last two pictures show the outside of the house once the bay tree had been removed.

The patio area that you see will be the size of the conservatory.

Victor, who is doing all the work, set about clearing off the patio slabs and digging the foundations out which he has to do by hand, proper old fashion way of doing things, no mini digger to help!

The skip has arrived much to the tutting of some of the neighbours!

So it's all go. The electrician turned up today and sorted out what needs to be done to put electric in the cabin. Just waiting for a price now.

A lot going on here at the moment with never a dull moment. Trying to keep up is hard work!

Till later.................

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