Thursday, 21 August 2014

Not Another Puncture In the VW T25

Monday morning and it's early o'clock. A puncture is not what is needed, but that is what I had.

The 2nd in a week! Surely I cannot be that unlucky.

Thankfully with a choice of cars I made it to work ok, and left "Duckie" on the side of the road till I returned that evening.

Managed to get some air into the tyre, enough to get it back into our parking bay, but by the following morning it was flat once more.

I finished work early that day, so swapped the tyre over with the spare, and made arrangements to get it repaired the next day.

No visible screws or nails could be seen and this was confirmed by the Tyre Shop who said they couldn't find the cause of the puncture either.

So a new inner tube, and yes our T25 has inner tubes, I thought that they stopped putting them in, but talking to the Tyre Shop owner it depends on the size of tyre and rim used.

Well, £15.00 later we were back on the road. At least the tyre did not need replacing as that cost us £78.00 last week!

Till later..........

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