Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Busy Weekend

Ok, firstly I'll admit to you all, Ive lied - Painting is not theraputic in the slightest, maybe if I was painting a scene of stunning beauty it could be, but when your slapping on clay paint of a neutral colour to a burgundy wall for the fourth time it becomes a little irksome!

More on painting - I read that Van Gough's painting the one with flowers in a vase was stolen recently, why would you do that? its not as if the new owner can hang it on is wall and say, hey, look at my new picture? Thinking about it, not even Van Gough found painting theraputic, didnt he cut off his own ear?

Its been a busy couple of days, what with packing and painting, then a bit more painting, and I still havent finished, all those fiddley bits around cupboards in the kitchen to do! (last coat though) Then there is the packing, which seems endless, and shifting all the packed boxes upto the lockup. 

Monday was spent on a National Express coach taking my daughter home, she didnt want to travel alone so I went with her, as it was her first time on the coach and didnt fancy waiting around London for her connection. Our trip to London was uneventful, easy in, a bit of a wait for her coach, so we went for a quick bite to eat. Now I always think of London as stinking, dirty and full of undesireables, I saw that things hadnt changed, sorry but Im a country lad, and get the shakes if I cant see a field! But went into a little cafe opposite Victoria Bus Station, 1 hot chocolate, 1 latte, a crab/prawn roll and a large plate of chips, only a fiver! and waitress service! Not bad at all! However her trip from London to Preston took a little longer than expected! should of got to Preston at 1730 but finally in at 2130!

Off today to empty the bits and pieces from our old caravan, that we need for the new one, aqua roll, waste hogg etc, and all the other bits and pieces that go with it. We have decided to strip out the caravan, as we reckon its worth more that way, anyone doing a camper conversion, theres a sink, oven, and fridge going cheap!

And will be getting the Dongle (hopefully) today, this has been a bit of a pain, due to the numerous structures that are in place with the various mobile companies, we have decided on 3 mobile. But things could change!

A tip run is also in order, one corner of our living room is now full, probably about a car's worth, reckon Ive got another load the same up the lockup!

As there are only so many hours in a day, best I get a shift on.

Till later....

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