Sunday, 1 August 2010

On site - time etc

So far we have managed to find out that on the vast majority of sites the maximum amount you can stay at anyone time is 28 days, we dont intend to stay any where longer than 21 days, as we like the idea of moving around a bit!

Plus the fact that we have two steam rallies to go to during September, which is Harmons Cross near Swanage, then Berwick St John towards the end of September. A total of 6 free nights, thats £120.00 saved on site fees!

We will be joining both the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravan Club to take full advantage of the smaller sites dotted about.

We have started this blog as we couldnt find anyone talking about what we are going to do, it was all either totally off grid and eating veg and using compost loos or swanning around europe in something the size of a 40ft truck!

We did pick up little bits of information, but we couldnt find a single blog here in the UK blogging about what we are intending to do.

Im sure other people may of thought of it, and Im sure there are plenty of people out there doing it, we just want to document it, so that if anyone else has the mad idea of doing it at least they can see what they are letting themselves in for!

Im not sure how, if at all, any of this will flow in a logical order, so you will just have to take it as it comes, hopefully not boring you to death!

We have spent today listing items on ebay, all the big things are more or less up, so fingers crossed we get a good price, you can find us at chesters-emporium if you want.

Once Ive worked out how to do a link to it you may even be able to see it via the blog, must be a way some how?

Cheers for now.

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