Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Dongled Up!

Just got myself a dongle from 3 - £79.00 with 12 gigs of usage over 12 months, should last me approx 10 weeks, maybe longer if Im careful!

Another box ticked of things to do!

Not long now, am so looking forward to Thursday!

An update on the plumbing! - He arrived (late) to replace the damaged sink, but with a basin that was too small, so would either have to build a 3inch board at the back of the sink to meet the wall, or move the plinth back and leave a nice horse shoe gap in the carpet!

I wasnt having any of that so I got him to replace the damaged one and get the right sized sink!

After speaking to the insurance company they knew it was the wrong size sink but just thought they would see if it would fit. Now Im sorry but you dont need to be Sherlock Holmes to realise that a smaller sink is not going to fill the same space as a larger one! Once I had climbed back off the ceiling I explained to them that they had better get it sorted and fast!

Today (Tues) my landlord (who is also a close friend) arrived with a sink and said that if they couldnt find a sink use that one, so now we are doing the job of the insurance company and sourcing our own fittings! Makes me wonder why we pay! They are due back on friday! We also hand back the keys to the house that day!

We have booked into a little site just outside of Shaftesbury for 2 nights, its only 15 minutes away but right out in the sticks and on a farm. Cant wait!

My daughter who went off to kent whilst she was down here brought back some home made cider for me, which can only be described as evil! Its more of an apple sherry, taste wise, its very sweet with a rich brown sugary taste, could be easily mistaken for a sherry, all though there isnt anything smooth about it! To put things into perspective, Gaymers on ice which I detest would be classed as a ballerina, this is more of a cage fighter on steriods armed with an axe and a chain saw, looking for a fight!

Ive had a very small amount, and the rest I intend to inflict on unsuspecting guests at "M"s brothers 50th birthday party this saturday night!

Off tomorrow to do a days proper work for an antiques dealer, rather than doing it for myself! An interesting day as you never know what your going to be describing so that its ready to list and go live on good old ebay! At least it will keep my mind occupied, as all the waiting is starting to get to us now!

We are now on take-aways as the kitchen will be completely packed up, "M" had allready packed at least half away, the wooden spoons and the cullunder have gone, its been like cooking in someone elses kitchen! Our final meal tonight was thin strips of pork, cooked in chilli oil, Mount Gay rum and soya sauce done on a high heat in a wok, chopped onions, garlic, my Dads home grown tomatoes and mushrooms added and served on rice. All done on 2 rings! Splendid, with not a tin in sight and all fresh ingredients. And all done in the time it takes to cook the rice!

Why is 2 rings important, well you need to take a look at Martin Dorey and his blog at http://campervanliving.blogspot.com/ he has a book out called the camper van cookbook, all his cooking is done on 2 rings in his VW camper. He has also made a TV series due out soon - not to be missed!

Till later....

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