Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Painting - Its Theraputic You Know!

Finally started the painting: Below is a picture of what Im painting over - just to give you an idea of what Im up against!

OK, its not to everyone's taste but, it was a bit dramatic looking on two walls! And it wasnt cheap, shame its being painted over really, but the walls have to go back to how they were when we moved in, so ill be adding a few paint bristles and lumps.

Managed to get the first coat done, which Im happy with, and managed to get more paint on the wall than myself, the carpet or the dog!

So there you have it, Ive made a start, even "M" I think was impressed!

Only one more coat to do, then onto the kitchen! You should see the colour of that!

The desk isnt looking good, its got worse!

How do you manage to keep a desk tidy? Ive never managed it. Once had a boss who wanted a clean desk policy! Me, clean desk - got to be joking. It nearly resulted in blows!

Good news! Forgot to say that the new owners came and collected the sofa and paid cash for it. I wasnt looking forward to having to find storage for it! Only 2 swivel chairs and an arm chair to go, they are on ebay now if your interested - User name is chesters-emporium other oddments also available!

Anyway, off to watch paint dry, no seriously, I am, need to check to ensure that its not lifting the wallpaper otherwise "Houston - we have a problem"!

Not to sure what all this has to do with caravans, to be honest absolutely nothing, other than its all part of the build up to the big day - August 26th 10.00am when we take possession of the new to us caravan. Little did you suspect that when you thought to follow this blog you would get updates on painting and desks, what a rock n roll lifestyle we live!

Finally a quick hello to Herbie who has now become an avid fan of this blog and is sadly following it on his new iphone in some part of Scandinavia (I think)?

Till later......

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  1. I'm enjoying all your posts it gives a real idea of what it's like to do what you're doing.

    Good luck and the painting looks great.