Monday, 16 August 2010


Starting to get sick of the site of card board boxes! Its amazing the things that we have accumulated in the short space of 2 1/2 years of being in this house!

Not sure where most of it has come from, and not too sure where its going to end up either!

So last weekend was taken up with packing box after box, or rather "M" packed the boxes and I shifted them upto the lockup and stacked them up on the racking which is sagging badly in places! You would never guess that the bloke who made the racking was a very good chippy! No accidents but my knee is giving me a bit of pain due to mountaineering over boxes of books and a stationary engine to get at the racking - another benefit of being in the caravan no stairs!

We did take a little trip out to suss out laptops, well, we had thought of going with O2 who did a 3GB and unlimited wifi with a laptop thrown in, so rather than do it on-line we thought a trip to Christchurch and the O2 shop, that way we could talk to someone. Got there and they said, zzchioa sssputnix ttteelllffonickka, when he stopped speaking polish and said to me sorry we are only a franchise and dont do that deal! Well, it says O2 over your door, so that was a waste of time. Why cant life be simple!

So, after a quick latte, took a look in curry's, talk about choice, enough laptops for everyday of the month, there is a simple formula relating to choice in my book, More choice = More confusion = More time wasted = Return home empty handed! Im not saying we should go back to the Soviet era where you could have any colour you liked as long as it was grey, They may of gone looking for a loaf of bread and came home with a broom but at least they went home with something!

I need to get as much data allowance as possible. According to BT I currently average 6Gigs per month,  after we had decided on a laptop with 5GB which is just and just enough, I spotted a 15GB dongle for £30pm, perfect! But they couldnt bolt that onto a laptop deal! Which then got me thinking that I should be just looking for a laptop, but maybe able to get a better deal than Curry's for one - So the search continues!

No painting as of yet, but the paint brushes have been found along with the paint, so any day now! I need to break myself in gently for these type of things, you cant rush it.

My 16 year old daughter is down from Preston staying with her Grandmother for a few days, we told her recently of our plans and yesterday showed her pictures of the new van, I think we even may of impressed her. She asked how big it was and we said 7 metres long, but that really didnt mean alot to her, so we got out a tape measure, its a 5 metres one, pulled it from one side of the house to the other, and said thats 5 metres, add 2 more on and thats the length of the caravan! Put like that it even struck me as being long! Then we realised the room we were in was the approx width of the caravan, and with the full awning - well, guess your getting the picture - its MASSIVE!

Tomorrow we have a plumber arriving to fit a new bathroom sink after I managed to juggle unsuccesfully a bottle of aftershave and crack the sink basin! Whoops! Should be done by lunch time, when I may take a look at the brushes and pop a lid and stir the paint a bit!

Till later......

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