Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Packing Up The House!

The clock is ticking, we have all ready sorted what is to be put on ebay and what we are going to keep, so the things we are keeping are starting to find their way into boxes this evening. Or I should say that Mikki my fiance is busy packing them into boxes whilst Im errr... doing something else useful like writing this!

Put up a post on this morning about portable washing machines, as this is also an area that requires a little thought!

Didnt get many replies to the thread, but those that did seemed impressed with the portable machines.

There are very few sites that have laundry facilities, so rather than trudge off to the laundrette every few days we thought of getting a twin tub portable machine, you can get them on ebay for around the £65.00 mark. We are keeping our tumble dryer as this will be in my lock-up unit which I will be in not every day but every other day. So the plan is to wash what we can in the portable washer, then tumble dry it back at my unit. If I have to get a 2nd hand spinner to do a proper job can easily do that and keep it at my place. This should keep the trips to a laundrette to a minimum and again cut down the cost. But, as with all great plans will probably change once we get going!

Only four watchers on our sofa which isnt good! Its too big to store, so will have to go, just a shame that we will be losing loads of money on it, if we have to reduce the price!

Our other purchase will be mobile broadband, if anyone has any thoughts on this would love to hear them!

Till next time.....


  1. Recently bought a MiFi from 3 for mobile wifi, so far it has been impressive even working in my office (as long as I put it on the window) as I struggle with phone reception in there I thought it was good! You can get them payg or contract. Good luck!!


  2. Thanks for that Andi, 3 has an incredibly bad signal the same as orange where we currently live which is surprising as we are 750 feet above sea level, and there are phone masts here! Might have to look at o2 as we have contracts with them and they seem to be ok signal wise. I know someone with an o2 dongle and says its a tad slower than standard broadband but other than that works ok. But still keeping options open for a short time yet!

    Thanks for the reply though - appreciated.

  3. Look at the clubs, they do annual WiFi for a reasonable price if it's all you're paying for. From experience, mobile broadband doesn't always work in the more rural areas that a lot of caravans site are in. Remember, McDonalds coffee isn't too bad and they have free WiFi.

  4. And Little Chef have free WiFi too. I'll be following your postings with interest. Having spent the best part of a year in a tourer, when working as caravan park wardens - and flatly refusing to spend the winter in it - I think you're both remarkably brave to contemplate life in a tourer. I hope you saved up the 7 free nights caravanning voucher with the Sun....we did!