Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Night Before!!

Tomorrow we collect the caravan! The house is not completely packed yet, my desk still looks like the pictures below, infact probably a bit worse, Im just going to get a big box scoop it all into it and sort it out on Tuesday! Thats my way of filing!

Shifted a car load up to the lock up, but there is probably another car load to go. Everything we need for the caravan is on the sitting room floor, ready to go.

The car is full of rubbish, so off to the tip first thing tomorrow.

They finally came to collect the pine farmhouse table, which Im mighty relieved about as that would of taken up too much space, so would of been a nightmare!

All we have to do now is methodically start at the top of the house and empty and clean, which is the plan for friday, then that is us! Our adventure begins!

Almost a bit of a shame that we are not off on some exotic trip, but staying in and around Dorset/Hampshire, but I can think of alot worse places to be living! All this wonderful scenery which Ill be taking plenty of photographs of and putting up here for you all to see.

We are also taking up the hobby of geocaching, if you havent heard of it, its a bit like a treasure hunt using GPS, best thing to do is take a look at and it will explain it alot better than I can, looks fun though.

Friday we have the plumber turning up for part 2 of the saga of fitting the bathroom sink, and our oak hat stand which I bought for £12.00 on ebay  two years ago and sold on ebay for £89.00 a couple of days ago, not a bad return! Is being collected.

The weekend will be computer free, so back again with an update on Tues, unless I get a bit of a chance tomorrow evening or fri morning as we will be back here sorting things.

So wish us luck for tomorrow!!

Till later......

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  1. Good luck picking up the van today and with the finishing off of the house!