Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Caravan Clubs!!!

Today we joined the Caravan Club & The Camping and Caravan Club, both were relatively painless to join, but a number of things struck me, firstly if you dont set up a direct debit they charge you i think it was £7.50 for the Caravan Club and £10.00 for the Camping and Caravan Club. A bit steep!!! Needless to say on our quest for cheap everything we set up direct debits!

Would say one thing though, not sure if its me but the Camping and Caravan Clubs search a site is terrible! And its not accurate! A number of sites that I know of are not on the list and these are well established sites, either that or they are just blagging that they are club sites and displaying the signage without being part of the club!

We will find out shortly as we will be booking our first site in the next couple of days!

We have also said that we will be starting our time in the caravan on the 1st september, we have now brought that forward a few days due to family parties so our first night will be spent deep in the New Forest on Sat 28th August then over New Milton way for the Sun. However this does mean that we dont have the luxury of another weekend to sort the house out!

Time is running out all ready! And we have to re-paint the kitchen and one of the bedrooms!

I put a post up onto ukcampsites.co.uk saying we were going full time in the caravan. We are known on there as bakers-cottage and have been surprised at the comments received so far, I was expecting as you do with forums a certain amount of negativity, but so far, nothing! Could it just be that every one really just wants to go off and live in their vans!?

Also a quick and early thanks for the few people brave enough to watch this blog, guess it goes with watching grass grow and paint dry!

Tomorrow off to do some ebay listing for an antiques dealer, always interesting!

And finally as Ive waffled enough just finished the book I was reading and can thoroughly reccommend it - The Forest by Edward Rutherfurd.

Good night


  1. How are your ebay items going? Any luck with the sofa sale?

  2. Hi Nige, all a little slow, but that about sums ebay up at the moment, ever since the election its as if the tap has been turned off! So if your in need of a massive corner sofa, swivel chairs or an arm chair let me know! regards

  3. Hello mate...

    i have already posted once today on your site. I am just running through your adventure as i love things like this.

    i am a motorhomer and spend quite a few nights in mine off site in the UK around Surrey and Oxfordshire. I love wild camping.

    I will be filling my blog at www.fitnessnutter.com in the coming months with my adventures.

    I also own a number of other blogs that will be making me a lot of money when I retire.

    Can I offer you a small piece of advice and say that you should put up a lot more links to the sites and places that you show on your blog. Google will see these as do follow links and will reward you with more traffic for your KEYWORDS that you have on your blog.

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    I will pass more comments later in your blog that hopefully will help you to get more traffic..


  4. Hi Kev, thanks for advice, always good to hear from others, certainly happy to put links on the blog email me at bakers_cottage@btinternet.com with links and ill sort it out for you. regards Jools