Monday, 2 August 2010

A little bit of chill to the air!

Woke up this morning at 6.15am and as we always sleep with the windows open, noticed a definate nip to the air! Which got our minds thinking to the fact that if its a little chilly here then we should really think about what it will be like in the caravan during the winter.

We have stayed in the caravan during the winter in freezing temperatures so we do know what its like.

Its a tough one not enough ventilation and the place suffers from condensation, too much and its cold, so what is needed is a little ventilation and some ambient temperature.

So a quick look on ebay for oil filled radiators really didnt come up with much, so I took a look at Argos, they are having a sale at the moment, managed to get an oil filled radiator reduced from £39.99 down to £19.99 - bargain!

Oil filled radiators won over convector fans as they are silent, this particular model has 3 heat settings and a thermostat, and is small enough to snuggly fit in the caravan without too much bother. And not to keen on running the caravan heater as the bearings rattle on the fan!

Heres the link -

Just looked and they are out of stock, so guess we were lucky to get one earlier!

So thats us warm for the winter!

Our massive corner sofa, swivel chairs, armchairs, farmhouse table and bed are currently up on ebay, but not alot of action so far! The corner sofa is bigger than our caravan!

Im sure it will all work out in the end!

Planning this weekend to fit a new jockey wheel as the mount has given up the ghost due to some unexpected off roading, (another story for another day)  its welded on so no chance of replacing it, so bought a new one off of ebay and will be fitting it weather permitting this weekend. Its a simple two bolts to secure it type. A bit fiddly as will be having to cut into the fibre glass surround over the A bar to fix to the outside of the chassis, well thats the plan at the moment, Ill be taking some pictures for a step by step guide in how not to do it!

Well back to listing on ebay now!

Cheers for now.

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