Thursday, 19 August 2010

Things To Look Forward & Things We Wont Miss

Over the last few days, we jotted down some of the things that we are looking forward to and with it things we wont be missing! And then the things that we will miss!

Looking Forward To:-

Looking up on a clear night to see the stars with little or no light polution.

A view from my window (we currently look onto a narrow street)

No stairs!

A large garden (we currently live in an old house in the heart of an old town, our front door opens onto the street (a very narrow lane) and we have no backdoor or garden!

Being able to park outside where we are living and not having to carry shopping back to the house.

A different place every month/week depending on where we end up!

The adventure of it all!

We live in a wonderful town - Shaftesbury, North Dorset. Famous for its Gold Hill (Hovis add) and the scenery and views are spectacular, but still looking forward to getting out and about in different countryside/forests, and above all the coast!

Being able to sit outside of an evening, even if it is chilly!

Outdoor cooking - even if its something simple it always tastes better if cooked and eaten outside.

Super fresh produce from any near by farm shops!

Meeting new and interesting people.

New walks for the dog.

Not so much housework to do!

Having more £££££££££££££'s!!!

Wont Be Missing:-

Drunks going home after the pub, dropping kebab residue or worse outside our front door! (ok a bit hypocritical there, as Ive been known to smonge kebab down my shirt).

Fag ends out side our front door.

The traffic, all though we live on a narrow lane, its a busy route into town for the locals, and the odd tourist bus/articulated lorry who then gets stuck as it is impossible for them to get around the T junction, fun to watch though! Our neighbours house has been hit several times!


"M" wont miss the 26 mile current drive into work - as we aim to stay closer as much as possible.

Things that we will miss

2 minute walk to the pub!

Our friends!

Space - all though with the size of van and awning I cant see it being too much of a problem.

2 minute walk to the shops if we run out of milk!

A long soak in a bath (we plan to have a night in a posh hotel every 6 to 8 weeks)

The ease of having a washing machine on hand (still looking into portable ones) £64.00 on ebay!

Im sure as time goes by we will be adding or deleting bits from here!

What would you miss or look forward to?


  1. Wow! I saw your "shameless plug" on Stef's blog, 52 Weeks of Wordage. I had to skip over here and visit your blog. You had me at the title! it sounds like you are embarking on a journey!

    I'm not sure what I would miss living with a caravan, but I would love seeing new places and experiencing new things! Good luck!

  2. Well, she did say to plug! Glad you can join us and you will hopefully see the quirkyness of us Brits!