Monday, 9 August 2010

Friends & Family!

We have now started to tell friends and family about our plan - so far met with nothing but enthusiasm! A few concerns have been mentioned, however these are from people who do not camp or have a caravan so these fears really do not have any substance!

We still cant stop grinning, and keep having to pinch ourselves to make sure that we are not dreaming!

Had a celebratery drink and meal this evening, well deserved as I drove to Wigan and back today to deliver our bed which we sold on ebay, even with the fuel taken out of it, it was still well worth the trip! 500+ mile round trip! Havent driven that far in a single day in ages! So glad we live down south - all though filled up with fuel at tescos at £1.12 and down here at tescos its £1.17 someone is having a laugh! Im off into tescos tomorrow with my reciept and will be asking the question of why there is such a difference. Surely Tescos is a brand whos prices should be the same nationally?

The amounts of muppets on the road still amazes me! When joining a motorway, you accelerate down the slip road and join the carriage way when safe, doing the same speed or there abouts as the traffic on the carriage-way! I should know as Im a qualified driving instructor! Im doing 70mph I cant move out as there is traffic so what do they do, stay level with me and either make me brake or they hit the brakes hard! Glad I wasnt towing the van! Must admit to the odd hand movement displaying my displeasure!

Motorbikes! whats with all this undertaking all the time, are they looking for a one way trip upwards!

Well enough ranting, off to take a look at our new to us caravan again - its still on Lady Bailys website but it now has a big SOLD on the webpage!

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