Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Gardening Today!

Today was my first proper gardening job!

I have done a small clearence of rubble and rubbish, but today was the first day of a contract that I have managed to bag. 5 hours a week at a nursing home. The garden is well established, but has been let go of recently so requires a lot of tidying up. I managed to fill my small trailer, forgot to mention I bought a 4ft trailer for £25.00 (bargain)! and filled the freelander up with garden waste.

I really enjoyed the work, just wish I had more of it!

I've quoted two other jobs this week and last week, just waiting now to see if I've got those! I might get one of them, but reckon the other one would of got back to me by now if they were going to go ahead. Well, it's a numbers game and you cant win them all.

So I'll keep plugging, and see how things go.

Not sure if I mentioned but we have had the privilege of watching a pair of Canada Geese bring up their 5 young, last Wednesday I managed to get a couple of photographs of them, but on he Thursday they had all flown away. This was the first time that they had flown, and we didnt expect to see them again. Today, they came back! They have grown to full size now, you would be hard pressed to tell them apart.

The Pajero which translates in Spanish to "Wanker"! is doing fine. I was back in the Freelander today, no muck in the new wagon!

The translation was given to me by our very own 007Herbert who speaks many languages and knows a lot about swearing in most of them!

"M"s stomach pains have eased off now, she thinks it may be gallstones which was also suggested in a comment left for us, all though when I said about a hearty breakfast, it was only me eating, and I ate "M"s as well as she was in too much pain to eat! Well, you can't let things go to waste in these days of austerity!

As I'm aching some what from having to do manual labour, which is something that I haven't done for quite a while, I'm off to bed!

Till later.................

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