Sunday, 5 December 2010

Boozy Sunday Lunchs!

That wasnt the plan at all today, but its how it turned out! Not that Im complaining!

We got up late, around 10ish, mooched about and had a leisurely coffee, as we had to be back at the vets at 12 noon to get China looked at and signed off after her op.

11.30 and "M"s mum and partner turned up to see if we would like lunch out, well, it took us all of 30 seconds to decide on that one, so another quick brew and we made plans to meet them at the pub later.

At the vets, China was looked at and given the all clear, her wound has healed nicely, no infection, she certainly hasnt been bothered by it at all.

We then stopped off at Castle Point Shopping Centre, a place that sends shivers down my spine, due to having to come into contact with so many people all out shopping. Hustle, bustle, is not my thing, nor is shopping. But, this was special as we were getting "M"s Christmas present.  A new jacket! So after a couple of shops we found exactly what "M" was looking for, it certainly will keep the wind and the rain out, no excuse now not to walk China dog when blowing a gale!

We then headed for the The Fish Inn a large pub set on the outskirts of Ringwood. Plenty of real ale, and Thatchers Gold on draught. The food menu was extensive, I ended up having Swordfish steaks with a salsa sauce which was fab, and "M" had duck breasts, the others had roast beef etc. None of us could find fault, so hats off to the pub and its staff. The other thing I liked about the pub as all though it was a foody type pub it also had space at the bar to sit and talk and have a pint. They havent forgotten their locals who just want a pint. This is always one of the things I look for in a pub.

We didnt have to drive, so a few Guinness were consumed and "M" hit the red wine, but she is now suffering and has headed to bed all ready!

Got back to the van, and swapped the heaters over, we are now running a convector heater in the van instead of gas untill the part arrives, hopefully next week! Temperature has dropped again this evening to -3, but once again, currently at 22 degrees in the van!

Oh and all the water on site has frozen up again!

Another busy week back upto Shaston everyday next week.

So till later.........


  1. Sounds like a pefect Sunday to me, waking up late in the caravan, pub lunch, lovely.

  2. Hi. In some of your previous posts you referred to "key tapping". What is this exactly? I assumed it was knocking on doors for things to buy or sell. Or maybe working on the computer. Or maybe you are some sort of locksmith. Not sure what you mean.

  3. Seems more and more good pubs are turning into these horrible foody type pubs for. The pub around the corner used to have plenty of space of live music and dancing and stools and standing space. Even had a pool table and darts board. Now it has been converted with new tables all over the place with lit candles. Oh so boring. I think the smoking ban caused all this nonsense.

  4. Hi Andi, yep a perfect Sunday, but felt guilty as I didnt get any work done at all! Will now have to play catch up!!

    Hi Nomadic, Just to clarify, tapping keys, is just that, tapping keys on a keyboard! I tap keys for a living! Yep the smoking ban has alot to answer for, and Im a non smoker!

    Thanks to you both for the comments!