Friday, 31 December 2010

Dont Fart In Here, It Will Collapse!

We arrived at our pub site - The Plough Inn at Manston. Set up in record time, we sure are getting good at this caravanning lark!

Ive been good and had a cup of tea, however, "M" has decided on a messy night and has hit the Vodka all ready!

A small 5 pitch site, great water point and the chemical disposal is purpose built! So all good. We are right up the far end of the field, reserved pitch for Mr Gulliver who is notoriously late, so should arrive hopefully sometime before midnight in his converted ex police merc camper van! He did the conversion himself, so will try and get some pictures of it!

Well the title of the post is in relation to the photos below. In Robs garden, which is where we just stayed, there is this old outside loo. In a very poor state, I wouldnt fancy trying it out, so thought I would take a few pictures of it before it falls over!

Held together with nothing but hope!

HAPPY NEW YEAR may 2011 be a fantastic year!!!

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