Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve!

Well, its Christmas eve, and its been a busy week, as it has been for most I suspect!

So, the aim of this post is to try and catch up with the events that Ive forgotten to mention, but, as my memory is that bad this could well be a short post!

Now, on Monday evening, it was planned that we should all go out for a meal, at the expense of Bob & Katherine who I tap keys for and have done constantly for the last few weeks, so much in fact that I actually dreamt about a Chinese plate and dish the other night!

Just so that makes a bit of sense to everyone, Ive been listing on ebay, Chinese, Indian, and Asian antiques, you can find them all on ebay by either clicking on the englishcream link to the right or by searching for englishcream on ebay itself! There you will find 100's and I do mean 100's of absolutely amazing pieces. You should also take a look at another ebay site that I work on which is meissenandbeyond more Chinese antiques can be found there as well!

Anyway, Bob took us all out, we met up at a pub called the Drovers Inn which can be found at another great pub, where you can sit and have an amazing meal, real open fires, great beer and still plenty of locals, which if you have been reading this for a while is the main thing for me. If there are no locals in the pub, then its time to leave! A great meal, and great company. So thanks to you both!!!

One of the things that the pub does, is called a hot rock, I have only seen it here, as its name suggests its a square stone which is the size of a plate, this is heated in an oven, and brought out to you with your meat/fish raw, so you can actually cook it to your own liking! How cool is that! Should of taken a picture, but forgot!

Even with all the snow we had, still managed to get into Shaston everyday, I think it was Monday, all roads in and out of Shaston were closed due to the weather! I made it in, ok, it wasnt easy, but still did it!

Ive mentioned the move, so wont dwell on that, but we are now in and settled for Christmas, 30 seconds from a pub! Which is where we are off tonight!

We are in a little village between Fordingbridge and Salisbury, called Woodgreen. It is very community led, they have even raised enough money to have a new all purpose village shop built! Not bad for a small community! I went into old shop yesterday as the new one is not completed yet, talk about small, not being a supermodel, and with my thick tweed jacket on, it was difficult not to knock stuff off of shelves either side of you! At one point I had to go back outside to allow someone to exit! Not too sure how the girl got behind the post office counter, I reckon they must do a week at a time, food being provided and kipping under the counter!

Thursday my niece Lucy came to stay, I met my sister Ali in Salisbury at the unearthly hour of 7.30am! had a mooch around the caravan, then went for a look around Ringwood, no matter which way you turned or walked the wind got you straight in the face, too cold for me, so when in that frame of mind, and in need of reviving headed straight for Marinas Bettola - a little Italian restaurent which never seems to close, open from early morning to late at night. Its a great little place, the food always good, "M" uses it alot, and often goes there for lunch so is well known, I got an apology from Sergie for not recognising me! Ive only been in half a dozen times! They havent got a web site, but if you are local, book a table on 01425 470380 its in the centre of Ringwood. You will certainly be well looked after. Whilst there we bumped into "M"s mum, Olive and her partner Rob. "M" arrived with her friend Daphne, Now Daphne is a very glamourous lady, who is very active, and full of life, dressed immaculately in fur coat and matching hat! You would never believe she was 84!

Christmas eve, another walk this morning, we did think about heading into Fordingbridge, but the last thing I wanted to do was look around shops! So we have had a bit of a lazy day, I taught Lucy how to play Pontoon, and the rest of the time we have just mooched about. "M" is working - who wants to buy bloody paint today? Hopefully she will be closing up at 2pm!

Ive got to meet up with my Sis later to drop Lucy off, then heading straight back to have a sherry! or two!!

So, not sure if I will get chance to write anything for a couple of days, so will take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading this waffle, I hope that Christmas is a relaxing time, if it isnt there is always drink (joke) stay off the alchohol kids!

No doubt, Ill write more after Christmas, stay safe and peace to you all, so till later........

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  1. Merry christmas to you and "M" , have a good one , love from bloody cold London x