Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Finally Ready For Christmas!

Its been a bit of a hectic week, what with the weather!

We have been a bit concerned that we wouldnt make it to our Christmas destination, the roads have been bad, and with snow forecast again, we really didnt have a plan B, so to say it was shit or bust was an understatement.

The route to where we are now was snow bound up to yesterday, just about passable without 4wd. but getting into the field we thought may well be a bit dodgy, oh, and the 2 bridges we had to cross, one humped back, the other which is only single file and with a left handed tight 90 degree entry to it! Considering we are 38ft when hitched up, it was a bit of a task, I work on the internet, what Im not is a magician!

So today of moving arrived, "M" went off to work, and left me to pack up, which I did rather leisurely by falling back to sleep and waking up at 10am! finally got up and packed up, we left the site around 2.30pm, half hour trip up the road, and with a bit of shunting and a bit of a wiffy clutch we were pitched up!

Had to go back and get the trailer, so two trips required, but the only problem we had was that 3 bolts off of my sack trucks wheel have dropped out, and now have a wobbly wheel! So all in all a successful move, not bad considering the weather.

Tomorrow, my niece Loopy Lucy, is coming over to stay with us for two days and the night! She is 11, so her main task tomorrow is to decorate the caravan with xmas lights and tinsel!

Cant tell you all how relieved we both are to be here! Let it snow and do its worst, and best of all its free camping! However, we have decided to offer £5.00 a day to cover the extra electric used. Thats fair isnt it?

Looking forward to Christmas dinner, we have a haunch of venison this year!

I have a new update from out 007 H who I think is still in Japan. Havent heard from him for a couple of days, so lets hope he can get a flight back!

So till later........

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