Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Another Day - Another Freezing Day!

So when is it going to warm up, Ive looked at the long range weather forecasts on at least 3 different websites, all saying the same thing, its remaining cold!

Thankfully, we havent had too many dramas, the only problem we have is no water on site, luckily "M" only works a couple of miles away, so every morning Im off in there with the aquarolls, filling up!

The roads havent been too bad either, all though one stretch of road is still an ice rink, if you have ever watched ice road truckers, well its a bit like that, but getting better everyday!

Ive been up onto Wingreen the last couple of days, 4 wheel drive is required,  you wouldnt get up there otherwise, the Landrover hasnt batted an eye lid at any of the conditions we have had to deal with. Thankfully we dont live in Scotland or up North, it may of been a different matter if we did!

The caravan and awning have both coped well, no probs other than the heater packing in, but we have managed to get around that until the part arrives!

We are now starting to think about the what if questions, regarding Christmas! We are planning to go to Woodgreen which is a little village half way between Salisbury and Fordingbridge, but the roads will be untreated, as they are here! As they are it wont cause us a problem, but any snow, then it does throw the whole plan into the air! So we will be playing it all by ear. This also goes for our trip to Manston for New Years Eve! So who knows where we will end up!

Its been a bit flat out for me recently, as there is a deadline to get everything done for Dec 22nd! Im actually looking forward to a few days off, now, this is unusual for me as Im not a great lover of Christmas! I just find it all too commercial. Im not religious at all, but surely we have forgotten about what it is all about?

Well, off out to "M"s works Christmas do, all four of us! And only two out of the four work there! We are off to Drusilla's, we have been there before and had a good meal, so decided to go for it again, so will tell you what it was like later in the week.

So till later.... Stay warm!


  1. Hope you had a great meal last night! Your caravan is performing well under these conditions, our waste pipes are frozen on the upstairs bathroom so you're not having any unusual problems. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you get to your destination for Christmas. We don't do commercial Christmas in this house if we want to watch anything that isn't on the BBC we record it and fast fwd all the ads lol
    Andi x

  2. This Christmas I am going to be alone. I have the kids every second year. I actually like being alone on Christmas, as sad as that sounds. I have a cool party planned for New Year's though.

  3. Andi, you need to get out in your van, it sounds like it would be warmer! frozen pipes in bathroom brrrrrrr!

    Nomadic, Im not a great Christmas person, all though "M" is beginning to thaw me out! She says its a slow process!