Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Wintery Tale

We are both feeling rather pleased with ourselves after surviving the coldest temperatures we have known for ages! The lowest we recorded on our weather station was -8.2 which is way to cold for us Southerners!

The only problems we encountered, was that the electrical part of our heating system packed in and we are still awaiting the part to arrive. But problem solved with a convector heater, which works just as well. The other problem we had was that the waste pipes froze up. The water on site has also frozen up, so we have been having to take the rolls to "M"s work to fill up!

Our aquaroll sack that "M" made has worked a treat, the water has only started to freeze when its really low. Everything else has worked well.

We couldnt move the Fiat 500 for a few days, we couldnt get it out of the field as its so low to the ground! But the Landrover came into its own, and I couldnt of got to Shaston without it.

Below Ive add a few pictures I took over that last week or so. Apparently there is more bad weather on its way!

The ice was rather thick!

I got up here, but it looks dodgy going back!

Another slippery drive upto Wingreen

Standing on top of the world!

Wingreen Trees

Looks like Im in a plane looking down onto clouds, but its grass!

Wingreen looking East

Looking West

We went to Drusilla's Inn on Thursday for a Christmas meal with friends, It was packed, and the only thing I can say is that all though the food was really good considering the amount of people there, it was a bit of a novelty eating a Christmas dinner out of a pasta bowl! They had run out of plates! Not bad £15.00 for three courses!

"M"s brother in Ireland - Hello Ronnie! is now reading the blog, along with Lou Poo's ! a friend of "M"s. Our very own 007 who as we speak is in down town Shanghai regularly logs on to catch up with the latest news of dear old Shaston and other Blighty related waffle. Also hello to Ian the painter in Ringwood and Katherine from the Donheads.

Bought something rather unusual this week! A gold tooth, or rather the gold from a crown, complete with the tooth still attached. Gross, but, I can get a rather good price on gold at the moment, so if you have any old teeth, or better and more hygenically, gold or silver jewellery kicking about let me know, and Im sure a deal can be struck! Will certainly give you a better price than all these rip off merchants on the TV!

Someone the other day suggested that I give you my email address as without a google account you cant leave comments or ask us questions, so please feel free to email us at you can also find us at Twitter our user name there is caravanliving

On a final note, my Dad was rushed in to hospital this morning after suffering a rather large heart attack, he all ready has a pace maker fitted, we are awaiting news now to find out when they are going to operate to perform a bypass. So it was off to Southampton hospital this morning. I got there as quickly as I could, but it then took me 35 minutes to locate him, as the main receiption was closed! Why? I asked and they said it was because it was at the weekend! So according to Southampton NHS Trust no one needs help over a weekend! I was also asked as I went in through the door if I would like to make a wish and write a card and hang it on the tree in the foyer. I gave them a pound, got a label and wrote on it, Open the bloody reception at weekends! On a positive note, at least my Mum can now watch strictly come dancing without Dad moaning about it! best you make the most of it Mother! All things going well he should be out just before Christmas - Fingers crossed!

Till later.........


  1. Nice pics - what sort of camera do you use?

  2. Hi Nomad we use a fujifilm finepix S1000fd 10 mega pixel camera, its a great little camera!

    Hope you get the carb sorted!