Saturday, 18 December 2010

More Snow!

I woke up around 6ish this morning, pulled a blind up and looked out, it was looking a bit festive, and I dont mean tinsel and flashing lights!

Another load of snow had landed, which meant that it was time to get up and clear the awning roof, so I got back into bed and decided that another couple of hours wouldnt hurt!

Eventually got up, and went out and with the aid of a step ladder and a brush, cleared the roof off.

Our plan for today was to go to Shaston and look at a new, well second hand, Mitsubishi L200 at a local dealer, the weather not looking too clever, but we decided that as we have a 4x4 we may as well give it a go. We got there ok, but it was a bit ice road trucker at times!

On site, before I cleared the awning roof, light snow!

Our neighbour, looking cold!

Start of the tobogon run!

OK, wheres the run exactly?

Just aim for the gap! then worry about the corner!

The trees looked great with the sun shining on them

The landrover once again, coped with out any issues with the conditions, its certainly 4x4 season.

We had a look at a couple of L200's both really nice, but not sure about the price! We then went over to where I had originally bought the Fiat 500 as they are also an Isuzu dealer, we took a look at their Isuzu Denver double cab pick up, again, great vehicle but a bit pricey!

We are waiting to hear back from the first dealer, to see if he can do us a better deal, I dont think so somehow.

So the search continues!

I heard on the radio this morning that Bournemouth police are giving shoppers jingle bells to attach to their bags, so if they happened to be snatched the sound of bells will be heard! Now, I can see where they are coming from, but, Im afraid as every shop in town is playing Christmas music with the usuall dose of bells included Im afraid it may not be noticed. After all if you heard jingle bells would you automatically think - Yes its a bag snatch! Or would you think, oh thats rather festive! Now, jingle bells in July, that may just work! I bet the copper who thought that one up got some sort of a pat on the back as well! If your out about and you do hear jingle bells, dont go and floor the person and make a citizens arrest, you may just get it wrong!

Mind you, if it were summer, then I wouldnt want to be a Morris Dancer!

Back at the van, the temp is dropping rapidly, at 1655 on sat evening it is now -4 and with a clear sky we expect it to get alot colder.

Tomorrow the awning comes down! Should be an experience!

Well, as we are not venturing out again, as the weather conditions are just to bad, its time for a beer!

Till later.....

P.S. 007 H is now in Tokyo! propping up Popeye's bar in no doubt the seedier side of town!

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