Saturday, 4 December 2010

Extremes of temperature!

Well its been a cold couple of days with the coldest day recorded at the van being -8.2 degrees, now thats cold for the South Coast!

The only thing that froze was the waste pipe outlets from the kitchen sink and the shower, the one from the toilet was fine!? I was kneeling in snow last night trying to defrost the pipes from the outside back up with no joy, infact I think I had a complete and total sense of humour failure at that point!

I can now see how it happened though, so hopefully it wont happen again, the pipes come out through the floor of the van, through the chassis, then bow down and then back up to the 3 outlet connectors mounted to the side of the van. So as the pipes bow it collects standing water which froze solid, and at -8 even pouring boiling water into the sink it still doesnt shift it! So from now on during the winter, Im not connecting the pipes to the outlet sockets, just straight into the hog. Its perhaps something that the guys at lunar may want to take a look at as I know you read this!

Whilst Im talking about Lunar, we have had a problem with the vans heater, but most of the labour charge was in the guy having to remove the heater so he could get at the bits at the back, how about an inspection hatch, either from outside or from the cupboard next to it, or even from above? I realise that they dont go wrong that often, but, when they do, its usually when you need them the most! Thinking about it even our old 26 year old van, you could lift up the panel ontop of the heater and get to the back of it, in a matter of seconds!

Dont get me wrong, we are still really pleased with our Lunar van, and it appears to be standing up well to full time living, which has got to be the ultimate test for a tourer.

There are a few other little things that could of been done better, but Ill write about those soon.

Im off to list more antiques today on ebay, I seem to eat, think, and sleep ebay at the moment, but you got to grab the £££'s when you can. More items for Christmas, as its a good time to sell, more people have time off, get bored of tv, eating and drinking and surf the net!

Back again!

Its been a rainy, but mild day, nearly all the snow has gone, it has now turned into a marsh outside! We even have water on site again!

Forgot to mention that last night was our 100th consecutive night in the caravan! It sort of came and went without it being noticed! It sounds alot, but really its only just over 3 months! It sure does feel like we have been doing this for a while!

A few beers tonight, "M" is all ready on the vino, so will have to go and dig the murphys out of the awning!

Till later...........

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