Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas has come and gone, we didnt wake that early, but when we did, we awoke to freezing temperatures once more outside.

Opened presents, apart from a coat that I actually got before Christmas, a new pair of walking boots were left for me, along with slippers and socks, I must be getting old as I actually secretly wanted a pair of slippers, and 3 new pairs of thermal socks is most welcome!

"M"s daughter and her husband came over with their campervan, along with "M"s son, as we were at "M"s mothers partners house it was a bit of a family gathering.

I drove down to Southampton hospital to see my dad, who is looking better, sat in a chair, he managed to walk down to the washroom for a shave this morning, but it tired him out a bit, so not ready to head for home yet. Have now found out he has had a quadruple bypass! He showed me his scar which is pretty impressive on his chest, but the scar on his leg where they removed a vein is massive, running from ankle to the top of his leg!

He is all ready planning the things he wants to do when he gets out, one of which is to start playing guitar again, and up to a level where he can put a band back together again! He used to have a country and western band called Sweet Country, at one stage he was gigging twice a week, sometimes more! I remember them as a kid practising in the kitchen, with the drummer shut out in the hall with the doors closed as he was too loud! I hope he does, as I was too young to see them play live back then, but would love to see it now!

It was roast venison for us Christmas day, it was roasted after and during with a whole bottle of red wine, and it was fantastic! Latter on in the evening the cheese board was attacked with some gusto. Thankfully, the TV was kept off.

Christmas eve I was subjected to torture by having to endure an episode of Coronation Street, now I know that some of you may well love soaps, but for me, I cant thing of anything else worse. I have enough dramas in real life without having to watch made up ones! Surely life is too short to watch programs like that? A book, or even surfing the net would be more stimulating, or, even better, talking to your partner!

Went to bed Christmas eve, feeling rather full! It was a good day. Back at the caravan, things had frozen up! walking back to the van, we both said, better get the water pump in, and guess what, both of us forgot. Woke to frozen pump and pipes inside the van. Temp reading was -9.5 our lowest recorded so far! Everything seems to be ok up to -7 but anything over that the van just cant cope. So we need to seriously think about lagging inside pipes. I did managed to get the pipes to the kitchen sink thawed out with the use of a hair dryer, but the one to the bathroom which runs around the front of the van was solid and for the most part, not easy to get at as it runs behind the chest of draws at the front of the van. A summer job, if not sooner to get all pipes lagged.

Perhaps I could specialise in winterising caravans and campers, sort of becoming an expert on where things freeze now!

Boxing day, after eating leftovers for lunch, which to me is just as good as the Christmas meal itself was spent over at "M"s relatives house, a rather large gathering of relatives, some I had met before, some not. A long day, as I decided to drive, but at least I feel ok today!

Monday, and the temp has risen to 4 degrees, which seems very warm, seeing how cold it has been recently! Everything has defrosted, all though we still have plenty of snow on the ground.

Today, the plan is to photograph, approx 50 items which I will then photoshop to make them look perfect, ready to add them to the listings that need doing over the next 48 hrs. No rest for me! Along with checking listings and answering questions.

I cant remember if I have said but our intrepid explorer made it back from Asia, and has now gone deep undercover to recuperate after his epic whistle stop tour, we expect to hear from him shortly, where he will be deciding if him and his partner aka "The Cat Woman" will be joining us for New Years Eve. All though where we are going has a Chinese theme! I can imagine that more oriental goings on will be probably the last thing he wants to do!

Well, must get on and move the tin of quality street from reach!

Till later.....

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  1. Sounds more exciting than my Christmas, lol. I don't watch soaps either. I don't even have a telly, but I do get to watch telly when at hotels.