Thursday, 16 December 2010

China On The Beach!

On Sunday we decided that as it was still rather good weather, we should make the most of it and head for the beach, seeing as more severe weather has been forecast!

We headed for Southbourne, which is about a mile up east from Bournemouth. There wasnt alot of folk about, so we let her off the lead and she acted as if the devil was after her arse! Talk about mad! She wasnt too keen on the water, but sand, she loved it!

As the sun was setting I managed to get a few pics, which I was rather pleased with.

Ive added a load below!

I do like a good sunset!

Southbourne Beach - just east of Bournemouth

I like this picture, the ripple effect gives a real texture to it

China Dog, Stocky little thing!

China, a bit puffed out, after running mad on the beach

China & "M"

Heres a picture of my beloved "M" already wearing her Xmas present (coat)

News on my dad!

Its been a bit of a hectic week, but the good news is that he has had a bypas operation, (yesterday - Weds) and from what we can make out, appears to be doing ok!

The weather is set to be against us yet again over the next few days, we plan to take the awning down on Sunday! and move on Weds to our Xmas pitch which happens to be "M"s Mums, partners house in Woodgreen, which is between Fordingbridge and Salisbury. Lovely big garden, very secluded, just a bit tight getting in, we havent attempted it yet with this van, so will be an experience!

Van still holding up well, we left the heater off in the awning the other night, and the shirts and washing which was hung above it was crispy frozen by the morning. We only have an oil filled radiator on low out there, but it does make such a difference. Water supply on site seems to be ok as well, mind you, we havent had the cold temperatures that we did have.

It could only happen to us that the worst winter for years, we choose to spend in a caravan!

Roll on the summer, all those BBQ's and beers in the warm evenings! (keep that dream in my head)!

Till later........


  1. hiya , loving the pics on southbourne beach , me and my husband spent our 23rd wedding anniversary in a hotel in southbourne last Dec it was lovely

    have a happy christmas in your caravan Take care , from snowy london xx

  2. They are great pics. My friend and I want to take the van to a site in Swanage tomorrow but I guess this snow will finish that off. I think Swanage isn't too far from Southbourne. We will be staying at the Ulwell cottage caravan park. I've been there before and it's really nice. I really hope it doesn't snow too much so we can make it.

  3. Hi Eileen, its a great place in the winter, but to many grockles during the summer!

    Nomadic, hope you made it to Swanage!?

  4. Didn't make it to Swanage. The park warden rang up and advised us against it so we went to the caravan park in Brighton, which is only a 10 minute drive from my flat, lol. It was good just to get away though.