Thursday, 30 December 2010

Time For Reflection!

Well what a year!

We have had a busy one! Starting back in Feb when I got so fed up where I was working, I made the decision, that I couldnt stand another day, so walked out, since then, and setting up on my own, its been touch and go at times, but still feel that we made the right choice.

We did a whole load of steam and vintage shows through the summer, which have been great, this year we hope to do more. Got to start thinking about applying for them now, and then the planning of where to go before and after!

The tail end of the summer was a bit frantic with packing up and selling everthing to do what we are doing now. Selling our furniture was at times a bit sad, especially our 6ft pine kitchen table and pine pew. We have with friends often sat around that table and had many a good night drinking, eating, talking and laughing. That for me was probably the worst thing about leaving the house. The kitchen to me is always the focal point of any house, we rarely sat in our sitting room! The sofa was virtually still brand new!

We set off on our adventure 26th August 2010, it seems along time ago now, but really it isnt. We have both learnt many things about what we can and cannot do, and how to overcome or get around problems. Nothing has stumped us yet.

We have had no major problems, all though many minor ones, such as, electric heating packing in. Water pipes freezing, water on site freezing, electric tripping for no apparent reason. Washing clothes and drying it. Torrential rain, low temps of -9.5, snow on the awning, the list could probably go on and on. But as Ive said, no real dramas.

We have had many mixed comments from friends and relatives on what we are doing, some are in total awe of us, others cannot see why we are doing it, even when it is spelled out to them. I still find it funny that people automatically say to us, oh, i bet it must be freezing in your caravan? Well, actually I bet its warmer than your house, and in most cases it is. We dont have to worry about how much electricity we use, so crank up that heater, it averages around 20 degrees which is certainly warm enough for us!

You should see the warm clothing and blankets "M" got this year for Xmas from her family, we actually gave a blanket away today, we just dont need them! Why dont people get it! Its not cold in our van!

We were at a family gathering on boxing day, one of "M"s relatives looked right down their nose at us after we explained what we were doing. Just because we choose to do something different, I really shouldnt be surprised that their are still so many narrow minded people about.

I wouldnt mind, but we are not on any benefits, and never will be, our carbon foot print is extremely low, we recycle, we both work, we wake up to some amazing views, see spectacular sunsets, and we have time to enjoy our lives! Why on earth would we wish to live any other way!

New Years Resolutions!

With only a few days to go, Ive started thinking about what I want to do next year. Ive never really bothered about resolutions before as I live the way I want to live and not the way your supposed to, but, there are a few areas which could do with some attention. As a portly gentleman of ample proportions, Im starting to think that it may be in my best interests to loose a few pounds. Now by losing a few pounds, I dont mean emptying out the change from my pockets! I think as we are living as we are, then a healthier lifestyle would not go a miss. So I'll polish off the quality street and other goodies, then seriously set about eating better!

I wonder what 2011 will bring us, I think alot more cold weather, but also hoping for a fantastic summer which will be great, cant wait to start cooking on the bbq, we will be getting a Cadac at some point, as soon as the weather warms up, there is nothing better than cooking outdoors!

Our other priority, is to get the freelander sorted out, its been making a few weird noises which I cant pinpoint. Its booked in for the 4th Jan to be looked at, just hope it lasts till then!

Our long term priority is to save money, after all this is why we are doing this! So far, we havent managed to save anything, but it has been a learning curve for us, and we are expecting that the new year will provide me with a better level of income which will enable us to put away for our long term goal.

In our spare time, we hope to take up geo caching, we have been meaning to do it, but there has always been something else to do!

Ive also been toying with the idea once the warmer and drier weather comes to start selling books at carboots, and even thought about a market stall! Ive got in my lockup at least 3000 books, of all genres, old, new, paperback, hardback. But, im not doing it in the wet or cold!

There is a bit of an exciting project which I think is coming my way, but cant say too much about it at the moment, we will see what transpires over the next few months, maybe something, maybe nothing, at this stage its too earlier to say. But as they say, watch this space!

So 2011, we expect to be busy, with lots of adventures to be had, new people to meet, and to learn as we go. Exciting times! To be honest I still cant believe that we are doing this!

It is a unique experience, but you may well be surprised at how many other full timers there are out here! We have come across them at every site we have stayed at.

I will be in the New Year, be getting their stories, as Im sure everyones reasons for full timing are different, that is if they are willing to talk about it! I hope they do!

So heres looking forward to 2011, we both wish everyone who reads this a Happy New Year. Thankyou all for following us over the last few months, hope you stick around for the next installments which I promise will be frequent!


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  1. Jools geocaching is the ay forward. Good excuse for a walk and to see places you wouldn't normally see it'll fit right in.. We don't get much chance either.. Have you set up your profile on yet? Ren.