Thursday, 30 December 2010

Just A Quick Note!

We are due to pack up and move tomorrow lunch time. We have been here at Woodgreen over the Christmas period for a total of 9 nights. We have seen record low temperatures of -9.5 and now its even risen yesterday to +9!

Its been a good Christmas, relaxing, with loads of good food, and I didnt over do it on the drink!

Tomorrow once "M" has finished her stock take, we aim to leave here around 2ish and head over to the Plough at Manston. Approx 30 miles away. Set up, well, legs down, and thats about it. We are there for 2 nights as there is no way I was going to tow on New Years Day. We are then moving back to Ringwood, where we are hoping to max out on the 28 day rule, this does depend on how wet it gets as the field is prone to getting water logged.

Since my last post Ive been asked what a Cadac is, best thing to do is go to where all will be explained, also if you pop along to this in detail will give you a far better idea about what its all about, rather than me trying to explain it!

Last night we decided that the pub next door, should benefit from our patronage, as we have been too busy drinking our own supermarket bought beer to drop in. All though we did have a sneaky pint Christmas Day! The pub is called the Horse and Groom and can be found at It lives up to its village expectations being full of locals. The food was very good indeed, I had a mixed grill, good piece of steak, piece of gammon, liver, 2 different types of sausages, massive lamb chop, fried egg, 6 baby tomatoes still on the vine - grilled and a massive bowl of chips! All for £13.00 - Bargain! "M" had a steak with a to die for pepper corn sauce! We then sat by an open fire right next to the bar and had a few more drinks. A lovely evening.

Emptied the cassette for the second time since we have been here, which has involved lifting up a man hole cover in the middle of a patio! It was great, a long drop down, with no chance of any splash backs! Wish they could all be like that!

Well that about wraps up the year for us, I can imagine that tomorrow may well be a tad busy. So just for the record, in 2010 we have spent 128 consecutive nights in this caravan, and previous to that 21 nights in our old caravan. A total of 149 nights spent sleepng under a tin roof! Not bad going!

So Happy New Year to all, see you on the other side!

Till later.......

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