Monday, 12 December 2011

Dorset Review

Being a Dorset lad, I was born in Shaftesbury, steeped in history and famous for many things but recognisable from the Hovis advert on TV of the boy riding down the cobbled hill on his bike.

One thing is for sure, after having attempted that very same journey, you need to gave a good set of brakes  on your bike as at the bottom of the hill is a "T" junction and opposite is a brick wall!

I can also tell you that the walk down is easy, but after a few pints in the pub at the bottom "Ye Olde Two Brewers" its a struggle to get back up to the top. Oxygen being required upon reaching the summit! and on a number of occasions a taxi has been required!

So being a Dorset lad I set up a Twitter Account "Twitter - Dorset Review"  and another website where I promote mainly books related to this fabulous County of Dorset "Dorset Review"

Hope you get chance to take a look!

Till later.................

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