Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Survived The Storm With No Damage

The wind really picked up here in East Dorset last night, you could hear the wind building up and roaring as it came through the tree's!

Thankfully we took no damage to the caravan or the awning, but the ground is like porridge!

With further storms predicted for later on in the week I just hope the ground will dry out enough to hold the pegs..

We have three storm straps on our awning, one each end and a centre strap to the apex of the awning using a ratchet strap and dog spike.

I was a little reluctant to go to bed last night, I had my wellies and barbour at the door ready to jump into if the awning did collapse.

Today, we have had a mixture of showers and sunshine, and at 2317 its getting chilly but not freezing.

I've been doing some research on the Landrover, and I have to replace the whole master/slave cylinder and pipe work as it is a sealed system. So not sure when that will be done as every penny is allocated at the minute!

I hate being skint!

At least there is light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to scrape by till then!

I'm not a great lover of Christmas at the best of times, I've worked many a Christmas day whilst I was in the Army, I would volunteer for it so I could be sure of getting New Year's Eve off. But being short on money sure does make life difficult.

Mind you, we could be stressing over how we would keep a roof over our heads if we still lived in a house. So I cant complain really. In fact I feel sorry for those who are struggling to hold everything together, it cant be easy at all especially if you have young kids.

So be thankful for what you have got, I will wake up tomorrow, to open fields, and little noise other than the wind/rain and possibly a bird tweeting  which when all things considered isn't too bad is it?

Till later.............

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