Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas All Wrapped Up!

Well, if that;s it, all the shopping done! If we haven't got it, we just haven't got it!

We did the Asda shop in Bournemouth's Castlepoint yesterday evening (Thurs) and to be honest it was fairly quite. A bit of a nice surprise. I was expecting a bit of a battle.

As we are on a bit of a budget this year, we have bought small presents for close family, but we have made the decision not to buy each other anything. We will wait till things are better later on in the year.

We are off to "M"s daughter's tomorrow afternoon to deliver presents, Christmas day we are off to The Royal Oak for our dinner, then once we have dropped "M"s mum back to Bournemouth we are off to "M"s brothers deep in the New Forest for a much needed beer or two as Im driving and will be dry till we get there!

Boxing day, we are heading back to "M"'s mums as China dog is staying with her for the night! Her brother has two Great Danes and they would eat China! So we thought it best that China went on holiday for the night!

Tuesday, will be spent at "M"s daughters, then Wednesday I'm back to Shaston and tapping keys!

And that's it for another year!

This is our 2nd in the caravan. Last year we were knee deep in snow with temperatures not getting above -5. This year we are 10 degrees! Such a change!

In case we don't get another chance we hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.

Till later.....................


  1. Merry Xmas to you both ! Thanks for an excellent year of blog reading !!!

  2. Ditto from me mate. Hope next year is good one..