Friday, 9 December 2011

Recovering The Freelander

On Wednesday morning on my way out there was a clunk from the engine bay of the Landrover Freelander and the clutch pedal went limp.

So that was the end of that, I managed to change gear and get myself off the road and into a layby and I left the Freelander there.

We had intended to tow it back ourselves later today or during tomorrow when the roads were quite, but another full-timer spotted the car, and came to see us as he had guessed we had broken down.

He offered to help tow it back which was great as "M" was not looking forward to the task.

Whilst we were at the Freelander we popped the bonnet which requires a hefty pair of pliers to pull the cable to release the bonnet catch and had a look to see if we could identify the problem.

Chris being a bit of a dab hand at these things worked out that it was the slave cylinder as you could hear a gurgle coming from the depths of the engine.

So that is a relief, I'm going to have to remove the airbox and have a look just to make sure that its not a pipe failed or popped off before I order up a slave cylinder.

Thankfully the slave cylinders are not expensive, so we could be back on the road sooner than expected - Phew!

So thanks Chris, I'm now a lot happier about things as I was fearing the worst, thinking it was the thrust bearing that had failed.

Till later..............

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