Thursday, 15 December 2011

Caravan Security Devices - Hitchlocks Reviewed

After my last post about caravan security it got me thinking about what was readily available and what different types there are.

I've just looked at physical security, you know something that you bolt on to your hitch or wheel to act as a deterrent 

So with that in mind lets look at hitch lock type security.

Sunncamp Trail Safe - Trailer/Caravan Hitchlock

The cheapest I came across was this one: SunnCamp Trail Safe - Trailer/Caravan Hitchlock bright yellow, a visible deterrent, with a metal shroud, a padlock and two keys. For the price its a cheap option, coming in at under £12.00
Personally I think these are perfect for your small car trailers, especially at that price!

Nimbus Heavy Duty Trailer Caravan Hitchlock

The next type actually clamps into your coupling with a bar looping over the top of the hitch handle, like this one: Heavy Duty Trailer Caravan Hitchlock

Again, a cheap solution with no padlock to fail so may be better. This one costs under £15.00

Milenco Super Heavy D Sold Secure AKS3004 Hitch Lock

The next one looks a little more like it should do, Sold Secure which is good and of a heavy looking construction being drill and cutter resistant. It can be fitted either hitched up or unhitched which is a good idea, especially when touring and stopping off at service stations. The  Milenco Super Heavy D Sold Secure AKS3004 Hitch Lock is priced just under £55.00 a bit of a jump from the last two but in my opinion a better buy for your pride and joy. Milenco also do a version for a Winterhoff hitch as well.

1285810 - AL-KO 2004/3004 Safety Device

The best and most expensive one is the AL-KO as you would probably expect if you have an AL-KO coupling its probably best to fit a lock made by the same company. It can be fitted either when hitched up or unhitched. I really like the idea of having it hitched on, on our travels last year to South Wales I didn't much like the idea of leaving the caravan whilst we went and had a cuppa. This would of put my mind at rest. The AL-KO 2004/3004 Safety Device is certainly not the cheapest at just under £80.00 but we all know how good the AL-KO stabaliser is, so I reckon this should do the job perfectly.
There are many other different types available, but I've just picked out a few which 
I would seriously consider.

I've given rough prices, as with everything these days, they can go up and they can go down, so please check. If you click on the links for each product you will get far more information and an up to date price.

I'll do a similar report on wheel clamps later.........


  1. The problem with all hitchlocks wether £10 or 80 is that the thieves just get a rope tow caravan out of way and grind off at their leasure

  2. You are dead right Geoff, if they want it they will have it, no matter what security you have in place! Its more of a psychological comfort blanket for the owner of the caravan.

  3. Yes, unfortunately what you need to do is make your van less attractive to a thief than your neighbour's van. That's why on our twin axle we have one wheel lock on each axle and on opposite sides and I pay £300 pa to store it securely (decided it was a good one when we saw that the local Audi garage keeps its stock there too - more tempting than my old van!). And if I can ever afford a newer van (probably £8-10k +) then some form of tracker would be in the budget.

  4. I wonder what the options are with locking of stabilising legs?

    I use an Alko lock but never use it when travelling. If we stop at a services coffee from the flask and take it in turns to go to the loo etc.

    Easy T

  5. "I wonder what the options are with locking of stabilising legs?"

    I just purchased a pair of leg locks. They are SAS leg locks and cost me 35 quid. Apparently insurance companies approve them for their policies so they must be of some use.

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