Monday, 5 December 2011

So What's The News?

I feel that recently I have been neglecting the blog, and to be honest I have been.

It's not been intentional but, what with all the things going on at the moment, and trying to keep our heads above water its been difficult to motivate myself to write about what has been going on.

There is, you will hopefully be pleased to hear light at the end of the tunnel!

I had an interview last Friday morning, which lasted an hour! I certainly didn't expect to be in the guys office for that long. But at the end of the hour I had secured a position.

It may amuse you to know that his comment on my CV was that it was a serendipitous CV! I had to look the word up when I got back!

So what will I be doing?

Something I have never done before, so yet again a complete change of direction for me!

I'm going to become a bus driver!

With my driving and people skills it should suit me. The company appears to be good to work for and they are willing to put me through all the training.

So now its just a question of completing all the paperwork which there appears to be a lot of!

I have to be CRB checked to ensure that I have not got a criminal record etc. As I was a driving instructor and having all ready had one, I have to have another one! Then there is gaining a provisional bus licence and the medical to go with it.

I then have to sit the theory test which should be straight forward as my driving instructors was harder than the one I have to sit, then finally sitting the bus test!

So there is light at the end of the tunnel, but realistically that will be around late January to early February.

But at least we know that it will only be grim for a little while longer!

All in all I'm happy with the outcome, how it will affect us and our lifestyle I do not know, but one thing is for sure we will continue to do what we are doing now for the foreseeable future!

 Eagle Eyes?

For those of you who are eagle eyed, you may of noticed one or two changes to the blog.

Whilst I have not been writing I haven't been sat around doing nothing. In fact I have been on a bit of a learning curve and ventured into the dark art of affiliate marketing.

I say dark art, as all though I can fumble my way around a key board and computer I am totally self taught, so html coding etc is something that I have only looked at with horror.

In saying that most things these days are reasonably simple to understand and you don't have  to get that involved with coding at all to be able to cobble together something that looks half up together!

So take a look at the top of the blog and you will see a banner running across the top of the page saying: "Our Life In A Caravan Online Shop"

I have managed to put together with Amazon, an online shop dedicated to caravan and camping accessories. Of course you can click through to many other products available and I have also put a little Amazon search box in the top right hand corner so you can just type in the name of the item your looking for click search and the product should pop up!

For those of you in I.T. its probably a 5 min job to do that, but for me its taken a considerable amount of time, as I have dabbled and played with various set ups over the last few weeks to see how it all works.

As with most things I do I always look at how I can get something done for the smallest amount of expenditure. Apart from time, this cost nothing to set up.

I have more websites up and running which I experiment on, these are all linked to affiliate marketing schemes, so over the next couple of months I will be keeping an eye on which one's perform the best. These are also all linked to facebook and twitter feeds. 

Its been a bit of an eye opener and I've learnt a lot in how it all works, I still don't completely understand it but I think I'm heading in the general direction.

Finally a thank you once again to those of you who have contacted us to make sure we are ok, it's very thoughtful and humbling to think that in your busy lives you took the time to send us a line.

Till later....................

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  1. I think that a number of your followers were hoping you were both OK but didn't want yo pester you.