Friday, 16 December 2011

Caravan Security Devices - Wheel Clamps Reviewed

Here's a quick review of wheel clamps. These I have come across, all being found on line.

Purpleline Fullstop Nemesis Wheel Clamp

  • Fits Tyre Sizes from 145 to 255
  • Suitable for alloy wheels
  • Integrated high security 10-lever barrel lock, exclusive to FullStopTM.
  • Protects wheel lugs to prevent wheel removal attack
  • Fits vehicles from mini trailers (10") to 4x4s (20") wheels and all caravans, trailers, campers, cars etc
Claims to be the ultimate wheel clamp! Used by all the major wheel clampers and the DVLA.
It says it is resistance to cutting, drilling and gas freezing. One of the very few which exceed the Sold Secure Gold but still remains quick and easy to fit.
It certainly looks the business and so it should as it has a hefty price tag of just under £95.00

Full Stop Samurai Caravan Wheel Clamp

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Integrated high security lock system
  • Approved gold secure for caravan use
  • Fits caravan alloy wheels from 145 to 255 tyre width
  • Fits wheel sizes from 10-20 inch & Ifor williams trailers
If you have alloy wheels on your caravan then this could well be the clamp for you. unobtrusive and a light weight design and look. It certainly looks better than the one above!
Priced at just under £75.00 a good visual deterrent for those of you with alloys.

Stoplock Wheel Clamp

  • Universal wheel clamp suitable for all wheels 12 - 15"
  • Fully adjustable central steel shield adds extra security
  • Easy to fit in seconds
  • Supplied with two keys
  • Ideal for caravans and trailers
A more traditional type of wheel clamp, which does the job adequately, not as stylish as the ones above but it doesn't have the price tag either! This particular one is just under £40.00

We have a similar version to this, the only thing I find is that typically when its dark, raining and cold I find I have to kneel down to align the holes up with the lock on the sliding bar. This doesn't matter that much as I end up wet anyway, so no great shakes!

Fast Fit Security Car Caravan Wheel Clamp

  • Full face security wheel clamp
  • Suitable for 13 / 14 / 15" wheels
  • Ideal for sorn cars / caravans / trailers

The least expensive wheel clamp I came across was this one. You have to remember that unless your insurance company specifies what type of clamp to use all you are buying is a visual deterrent. Regardless of what type of clamp you have on, if a determined thief who is stealing your caravan to order wants your caravan, he will get it! At under £22.00 its a steal - excuse the pun!
Of course there are plenty to choose from, you could spend hours deciding, but one thing is for sure, if I was a thief I would go for a van without one no matter what type it was rather than having to spend valuable time trying to remove one.

Don't forget the prices here are a rough guide only, they can go up and down, so please check the prices.

I'm no expert, so these are my choices based on what I have seen whilst surfing around.

Till later..............


  1. Hi,
    I have the last clamp that you reviewed.

    Fast Fit Security Car Caravan Wheel Clamp

    On one ocasion I forgot to remove it from the caravan, I drove away and didn't hear or feel a thing, it just broke the botom yellow part off and didn't even damage the caravan.

    Only realized later on in the day when I wen't to use it again, found it on the ground where I had left it.

    1. I did exactly the same thing this weekend, silver bit just bent and it fell off!! . Thank god no damage to the caravan.

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  3. I have a bulldog wheel clamp but never use it. The reason is that if the van was stolen from home I would have probably a few hundred pounds contents and if from site maybe £1,500 contents if awning aboard as well. My insurance does not require it (just a hitch lock). If the van is stolen (unlikely) it is 6 years old and probably worth £7,000 max. If stolen it is new for old which would probably cost me £14,000. In the unlikely event of theft a loss of no claims and £1,500 for a new van seems OK.

    Easy T

  4. The reason is that if the van oetiker clamps sizes was stolen from home I would have probably a few hundred pounds.

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