Saturday, 31 December 2011

Year End by 'M'

Hi All
well you probably all think that i'm not into this 'blog stuff', but i can honestly say thank god for Jools as i wouldn't have the time, but do think that many appreciate it. going by your comments etc. and get a lot from it!!!

Well what a year!!! certainly not the best, not for me anyway.

I absolutely must stress though that I love our life in a caravan, and don't want to go back to bricks and mortar, EVER!!!!

The year started for me with some very stressful personal problems with my son. this lasted till May!!! he came through ok though. for once justice did prevail!

Then I had my lump scare in June!!! which i know Jools informed you all of (with my consent).

By mid July I had trapped the major tendon in my shoulder and was looking at a long hall to recovery with cortisone injections and the threat of surgery!! My immediate boss was not sympathetic to say the least, which added to my stress of possible redundancy, so i fibbed and said I was better and went back to work.
I took it very carefully, having a very good, understanding work colleague.

Then by the end of July, my son announced that I am to be a Nannie in March 2012 :-)

The rest of the year we plodded along, which is something I don't enjoy doing. I believe in living!!!

Poor Jools has been through it this year with me nagging although i know he does his best.
It's not really in my nature to nag so he got a bit worried at times to say the least, but you know what they say, if you can't take it out on your nearest and dearest,then who can you take it out on?

So goodbye to 2011 and HELLO 2012, which looks promising, new job for Jools, new baby coming and (i forgot to mention) a new woman for my brother!!! who has been with the ultimate dragon for 8 years!!! now she's gone(hurrah) so we shall see more of him, where ever he shall be!

Looking forward to all our Rallies next year and meeting up with new friends and old.

Happy New Year to one and all. With positive thinking we can make it a better year XX


  1. Nice to see you are keeping your chin up and Jools his chins. Have a great New Year and we'll try to meet up again later on. Mark, Kate, Millie and Alice. As well as Maggie the Dog.

  2. Happy New Year M and to the rest of your family. Not been a stress free year for many I suspect.

    Sorry about your scare. I had a slightly larger 'scare' 19 years ago with testicular cancer. I always lived life and I took it as a reminder to carry on in the same vein. I have no doubt that you will take it in a similar way and carry on to live life to the full. ;)

    I tried to add a few pints to your cider fund the other day as a thankyou for the entertaining blogs. The internet wouldn't let me. I will try later in the weeek as I think the internet connection problems have been resolved now.

    Good luck and best wishes for the New Year.

    Easy T

    AKA Alan

  3. Mark, all being well we hope to make it up to your neck of the woods later on.
    Easy T, thanks, hope you and your other half are good.