Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Bit Chilly!

This has been the coldest it's been so far, with temperatures just getting above freezing. It's strange to think that this time last year we had plenty of snow and the temperature didn't get warmer than -4!

Lovely and warm in the caravan, but it always is, averaging out around 21 degree's - roasty.

Yesterday we popped over to our storage unit to try and find the decorations for the Christmas tree, we couldn't find them! We found the tree, so no idea where they have got to!

We then drove over to Gillingham to see my folks and drop off presents etc, then back to Shaston to have dinner with Mr Gulliver and his parents. A very enjoyable evening was had as we dined on toad in the hole with some great sausages.

I asked what type of sausages they were called "Black Farmer Sausages" yes the farmer is black and I have no problem with any of that at all. However, what I do have a problem with, is that if a "white" farmer called himself the "white farmer" he would more than likely be called a racist or supremist! So what's with calling yourself the Black Farmer? 

I'm not racist but it all does seem a bit funny, or is it just me?

Like, the many specialist channels, asian network, music of black origin only. I dont see a mention of white music only? Like I said I'm not racist just have trouble getting my head around it all. It appears to me to be one rule for one then another for another group! Equaility - My arse!

Moving on swiftly before the left wing brigade liberal do-gooders with feather dusters come to get me!

Spent the day today, (Sunday) tapping keys back up at Shaston, I know its Sunday but I'm happy to grab every penny that's available to me at the moment!

As I pulled out of the site this morning, at the top of the hill the road was blocked by police, there had been a serious accident, so I had to turn around and make a bit of a detour. Thankfully I left in plenty of time, as I hate being late for anything. I would rather be one whole hour early and have to wait around than 1 minute late! Wonder where I got that from?

Anyway, the roads were very slippery this morning, plenty of black ice, can I still call it that? or is it just "ice" these days? I took it steady and got up to Shaston just in time.

When I got back this evening "M" had that look about her, not good, she had been doing battle with the water connector, and could not shift an air block, so she had been without water. I took a look and had a bit of a waggle and 10 mins later we were flowing again!

Roast pork tonight, looking forward to that as I'm starving, so just having a pre-dinner tipple of a pint of Marstons Pedigree a very easy drinking pale ale.

Spending the next few days tapping keys in Shaston, so a few more much needed pennies coming in!

Well, going to enjoy my pint,

Till later.........................

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